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    Holden Seth & Ella Madeline (nee Flowers) Danvers
    Three sons
    Names: Finn Jeremy Danvers, Logan Noah Danvers, & River August Danvers

    Quinton Gabriel & Keira Renee (nee Blake) Danvers
    two daughters
    Names: Brooklyn Claire Danvers & Jacinda Eve Danvers

    Phoebe Rose (nee Danvers) & Daniel Martin Santos
    three sons
    Names: Rex Henry Santos, Jacob James Santos, & Oliver Maxwell Santos

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    DH: [62] Calum Thomas Beaumont
    DW: [61] Ruby Anastasia Beaumont (née Northman)

    DS: [36] Julian Edward Beaumont
    DD: [34] Sophia Ruth Beaumont
    DS: [31] Arthur Henry Beaumont
    DD: [28] Daphne Matilda Beaumont

    Julian and his family:
    DS: [36] Julian Edward Beaumont
    -- DW: [30] Olivia Margaret Beaumont
    - DS: [2] Noah Samuel Beaumont

    Sophia and her family:
    DD: [34] Sophia Ruth Beaumont
    -- ex: [35] William Thomas Conroy
    - DS: [10] Jasper William Conroy
    - DS: [8] Dominic Asher Conroy
    -- BF: [33] Philip Nicholas Keating
    - DS: [1] Alexander James Keating

    Arthur and his family:
    DS: [31] Arthur Henry Beaumont
    -- GF: [29] Elizabeth Rosalie White
    - DD: [6] Louisa June Beaumont
    - DS: [4] Hamish Isaac Beaumont
    - DS: [2] Oliver Samson Beaumont

    Daphne and her family:
    DD: [28] Daphne Matilda O'Leary (née Beaumont)
    -- DH: [28] Jacob Nathaniel O'Leary
    - DD: [7] Fiona Katherine O'Leary
    - DS: [3] Simon Vincent O'Leary
    - DD: [2mo] Evelyn Grace O'Leary

    Audrey | Nora | Louisa | Estelle | Freya | Bronte | Edith | Imogen | Phoebe
    Lincoln | Jude | Ezra | Silas | Miles | Elias | Roman

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    Shoshanna Alice Conrad and Oliver Pierce Conrad
    New York, New York

    You have three children, two girls & a boy.

    DS: James Adrian Conrad
    James marries Lindsay Marie Blake. They met at Harvard law. After they both pass the bar exam, they move to Hartford, Connecticut. Two years later they get married. After three years of marriage they have one daughter, named Sarah Elisabeth Conrad.

    DD: Lena Marion Conrad
    Lena marries Michael Anthony Wilson right out of high school. They have one daughter, Rachel Elise Wilson and a year after her birth, Michael is killed in a car accident. Lena gets remarried six years later to Marc Quentin Bowman and has two more daughters, Stella Claire Bowman and two years later, Chloe Liana Bowman. She and her second husband live in White Plains, New York.

    DD: Naomi Eleanor Conrad
    Naomi meets Guillaume Olivier Lemieux in France while on a study abroad program during the end of her junior year of college. After her year abroad is over, she moves back to the US to finish her senior year at New York University. She and Guillaume keep in touch and after she graduates, she moves to Paris to work in Fashion. Three years after moving to Paris, she and Guillaume get married. They have a son, Julien Theodore Lemieux one year after they marry and a daughter, Emmanuelle Celine Lemieux two years after they have their son.

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    "Tessa" Theresa Martinez, born January 31st, she is of hispanic, and french descent. She is a dark brunette, with even darker eyes, which give her an exotic look. She always had a love for art, and later realized that art isn't just found on a canvas or in photograph, but all around, part of buildings. She then had a love for architecture, and it's styles. Her mother was a makeup artist for movies, and traveled often, and sometimes took her daughter for short times, with her. This way, Tessa was able to see more than what her small town in California provided. For Tessa's sixteenth birthday, her mother took her on a two-week long trip to Paris, Vienna, and Rome, where she fell in love.

    She was also very close to her father, Carlos Antony Martinez, who was the owner of a very popular Mexican restaurant, and stayed home while her mother was away at work.

    She graduated top of her class at Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers, New York, where she majored in architecture.

    What college did you go to? Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers, New York

    Harvey John Lincoln, born in Columbus, Ohio, but moved to Richmond, Virginia after his parents (Greg and Sophia) died to live with his grandparents along with his four other siblings: Hugh Anderson (17), Danielle Sophia (16), Harvey (14), Bernard Layton (11), and Thomas Rhys (7). All five got to know there grandparents much more than before; Grandpa Jonah Hanson Peck and Grandma Lillian "Lili" Elise Peck were both fun-loving, but still stern. Grandpa was made very rich and famous after creating __________ (some kind of breakfast/desert thingy, like toaster strudel). He ran the factories before his grandchildren moved in, and retired with a fortune, as he was excellent in stock exchange; played his piano daily. Grandma Lili stayed home, and made ceramics all day until she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, after she was going to pick up Tom and was lost for three hours. She died a year after Harvey graduated from the University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont and majored in Physics.
    (Harvey's grandparents are young, since they had his mother when they were only 20)

    Later on Harvey went on to work in Air Force, and after his thirtieth birthday, he moved from Vermont to L.A. and bought a nice apartment. (His other siblings- Danielle and Ben- had already moved west)

    How did they meet? Pippa Kelly-Peck, close friend of Tessa, and soon-to-be-cousin-in-law of Harvey introduced them (sort've)

    What was the first date like? What did they do? Kind've awkward at first, since it wasn't a REAL date, but a blind one. Pippa was getting married a month later, and desperately wanted her longest known and closest (their fathers worked together) friend (and only single bridesmaid) to have a date. She knew Harvey, because he is the cousin of her fiance, who was also single. They went to dinner, and after several awkward silence, they hit it off, then went to a terrible movie, so terrible that they left in the middle and laughed all the way out. Neither wanting the date to end, they go to a nearby arcade and play around. He walks her to her door, kisses her, and both definitely agree to see each other again... and they do.

    They're together for the next three years, living in his apartment, both successful in their careers. Tessa owns her own architecture company.

    How do they from boyfriend-girlfriend to married couple?:

    He surprise visits on her birthday. He was currently away for work, and took a plane, arrived early that morning, and silently slipped into the bed where she was slept and held her, while slipping a diamond ring on her left finger. She never took it off, as it was perfect.

    They were married the next summer on a large yacht, paid by Grandpa Jonah. Gorgeous.

    They honeymoon to Europe, on a month trip. She was in love, with both the man and the architecture around her.

    Eight months of marriage, they realize that they want to live in a home where they can live more comfortably and raise a family; they move back to her hometown, La Verne. Three years later they have their first child:

    William "Will" Harvey Lincoln, eldest
    Will is headstrong, stubborn, fierce, and an independent soul, and shows clearly through his music. He started playing piano when he was six, and his Great Grandpa Jonah (Grandma Lili died two years after the wedding) moved to California to be closer to his family, and taught him how to play. He loved playing ever since he first put his fingers on the keys. After Grandpa died when he was eleven, he started playing more frequently in his free time to feel closer to him, since he was like a best friend. He later received a violin for his twelfth birthday. And then on every or every other birthday he got a new instrument. He was very talented, but was very strict with himself. At thirteen he started writing and composing his own music. The day he got his driver's license, he drove over to the cemetery where his grandpa was, and told him that he decided he wanted to be a composer. He lived his dream, and became the most successful composer, next to the best. At the peak of his career, he married Greta Berry, his beautiful, charismatic, and talented concertmaster in his world famous orchestra. Two years after they married, they had a daughter Melody Blair Lincoln, who was his greatest inspiration. Which also helped him soften his music, and make it quirky and fun (started writing lyrics with his music), and made him a partnership with Disney, where he wrote and composed all of their soundtracks.

    Two years later, they have:
    Samuel Bernard Lincoln, two years younger, youngest
    Sam, on another hand, was opposite. He was a free spirit, and loved to play outside while his older brother played piano inside. He did ok in his grades, and was the class clown in class. There was tension at some point, when he was often being compared to his brother by others, but at thirteen none of it mattered. Two things significantly changed his life: Football and Julia Rushing. He had been playing several sports over the year, but when he was positioned as quarterback and realized he was actually REALLY good, he took the sport seriously. A Julia Rushing... the new girl in school, she was blonde, blue-eyed darling. She had a rough time making friends, since she was deaf, but was in the same class, only because she was excellent a reading lips and understand (she had been deaf since birth). The day he saw her, he went to the nearest bookstore and bought the best book on sign language. They became best friends, and in high school, sweethearts, and later on spouses. They had a son and daughter: Matthew Humphrey and Natalie Estelle.

    Great-Grandparents: (paternal) Jonah Pike, and "Lili" Pike
    Grandparents: (maternal) Carlos Martinez, and "Nora" Martinez; (paternal) deceased
    Aunts&Uncles (all paternal): Hugh Lincoln, Danielle Lincoln-Roads, Ben Lincoln, and Tom Lincoln
    Parents: Tessa Martinez-Lincoln, and Harvey Lincoln
    Children: Will H. Lincoln, Sam Lincoln
    Grandchildren: (W&G) Melody Lincoln, (S&J) Matthew Lincoln, Natalie Lincoln

    THE END. Thanks for the story BookButterfly!

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    Henry August married Rosaleen Cadence. They had 1 girl.
    Blair Ivy

    Lincoln Reed married Cordelia Lyn and had 2 sons.
    Dexter Roarke
    Noah James

    Preston Theodore married Rena Presley. They also have 2 sons.
    Gideon Jude
    Travis Barnaby

    Lachlan Gabriel lives with his boyfriend Benjamin Tyler. They have 3 adopted children - 2 twin girls and a boy.
    Alexa Swan and Ophelia Sage
    Albert Ezra

    Austin Caesar married Oona Eileen. They moved to Ireland and had one daughter.
    Aoife Elizabeth
    Future Mother of:
    Lincoln Reed
    Blair Ivy
    Henry August

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