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    Saskatchewan, Canada
    For each of your children, roll to see how many children they have. Names and birth orders are your choice. Also, add in the names of your children-in-laws, as well as details of what your kids went on to do with their lives and where their families live.

    Everett John Kelly(33) & Maeve Grace (32)
    6. Three children, two boys & a girl
    DS: Theodore John Kelly (9)
    DS: Logan Tate Kelly (5)
    DD: Clara Maeve Kelly (3)

    Julian Murray Kelly (30) & Ivy Lillian (27)
    3. Three sons
    DS/DS: Carter Murray Kelly/Ciaran Lucas Kelly(3)
    DS: Vaughn Robert Kelly (18 mos)

    Everett moved to Ireland, where both of his parents have roots, to go to school. While there he met Maeve through a classmate. They married and had three children together. Theodore, Logan, and Clara.
    They now live in a small town just outside of Cork on the water.

    Julian spent 3 months backpacking though Europe with his cousin and a travel group. Ivy was part of the same group, and they learned both had grown up in the same city. They started dating and got married 10 months later. After doing more travelling together they settled down in North England and had three boys. Carter, Ciaran, and Vaughn.
    Auntie to Connor Douglas (2012), Parker Isabella (2013), & Hunter Donald (2016)


    I just started a youtube channel! Please comment on my names video here.
    I believe that maturity has more to do with what types of experiences you've had and what you've learned from them and less to do with how many birthdays you've celebrated.

    (Not currently expecting or TTC)

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    Me: Sofia Rose Scottsdale
    DH: Jason Elliot Scottsdale

    *DS: Samuel Dean Scottsdale (40)
    DW: Sara Kate Natalia Scottsdale (38)
    DS: Noah Evan Scottsdale (9)
    DD: Hanna Elise Scottsdale (6)
    Dog: Buddy
    Cat: Mittens
    Their home:
    Sam and Sara met in high school and fell in love. They went to the same college, and Sam became a biologist while Sara became a nurse. They moved to a small town in Illinois and began their family. Noah was born October 3rd and was the center of his parents' lives. 3 years later, Hanna arrived, and they decided two children was enough. Just recently, they got both children a pet, Noah a dog named Buddy, and Hanna a kitten named Mittens.
    *Sam, Sara, Noah, Hanna, Buddy, and Mittens*

    *DS: Theodore James Scottsdale (37)
    DW: Amelia Rose Scottsdale (35)
    DD: Naomi Sai Scottsdale (2)
    Puppy: Milo
    Their home:
    Theo was studying to become a lawyer when he met his future wife Amelia. Theo and Amy hit it off from the very beginning and soon enough, they were married. Amy and Theo decided to settle down in a small house just outside Houston. They had tried for many years to get pregnant, but it just wouldn't happen, so they turned to adoption. They found a girl name Sai in India and they fell in love. The adoption process was long, but in the end they got to travel to India and meet their new daughter, which they named Naomi. They then adopted a puppy, named Milo, and decided their family is complete.
    *Theo, Amy, Naomi, and Milo*

    *DS: Declan Oliver Scottsdale (33)
    DW: Emma Kay Scottsdale (31)
    DS: Benjamin Levi Scottsdale (4)
    DS: Gabriel Peter Scottsdale (1)
    Their home:
    Declan and Emma met through a volunteer group at their church. Declan is a business owner and Emma teaches a first grade class. It was love at first sight, and within 10 months of meeting each other, they were engaged. After their wedding, they moved into a suburban home in downtown Dallas and were anxious to begin their family. Soon, Emma was pregnant with their first son Ben. 3 years later, their 2nd son Gabe was born.
    *Declan, Emma, Ben, and Gabe*

    *DD: Piper Noelle Rivera (29)
    DH: Emmett David Rivera (30)
    DD: Jenna Rose Rivera (6)
    DS: Jacob Andrew Rivera (3)
    DD: Josie Paige Rivera (newborn)
    Their house:
    Pippa was always partying, and it isn't surprising that she met Emmett at a party. They talked and exchanged numbers, and from then on, they knew they were meant for each other. Pippa went to college and became a history teacher, and Emmett became a math teacher at the same school she where she teaches. They were ecstatic when they found out they were pregnant with Jenna, and were over the moon when Jake was born. And when Josie came into the world, they decided three was enough.
    *Pippa, Emmett, Jenna, Jake, and Josie*

    *DS: Liam Elijah Oakley (24)
    DH: Kaden Eli Oakley (25)
    DS/DS: Bennett Paul Oakley and Harry Lee Oakley (3)
    DD: Claire Brianne Oakley (1)
    Their home:
    Liam and Kade met in high school and fell in love. They both went to a college in Pennsylvania and settled into a home there. Liam is a nurse at a veterinary hospital and Kade is a high school band director. They adopted their twin sons when they were 2 and soon after adopted their then newborn daughter.
    *Liam, Kade, Ben, Harry, and Claire*

    Me & Jason
    Sam, Sara, Noah, and Hanna
    Theo, Amy, and Naomi
    Declan, Emma, Ben, and Gabe
    Pippa, Emmett, Jenna, Jake, and Josie
    Liam, Kade, Ben, Harry, and Claire

    4 sons, 1 daughter, 3 daughter-in-laws, 2 son-in-laws, 6 grandsons, and 5 granddaughters (:
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    Lila Brooke marries Ewan Henry Sullivan. They have two sons, Oliver Patrick and Graham Fletcher. The family lives in New York City, where Ewan is a professor of anthropology at NYU. Lila is in the midst of writing her first novel.

    Maeve Catherine marries Atticus Xavier Aarons. They have one son, Dashiell James, affectionately known as Dash. Atticus is a dentist in Brunswick, Maine and Maeve works as a high school English teacher.
    Beckett Booker Cormac Cruz Dashiell Donovan Finn Hudson Jude Matteo Miles Zane

    Bronwyn Cameron Delilah Georgia Lark Maisie Paloma Sam Sasha Siena Violet Willa

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    LN: Mills
    DH (90): Finn Trevor
    DW (90): Matilda Charlotte "Mattie" (Schneider)
    DS (64): Curtis Wesley
    DS (54): Vincent Frederick
    DS (53): Oliver Charles
    DS (45): James Alexander

    DS (64): Curtis Wesley
    DW (61): Camilla Victoria "Cami"
    DD (33): Hollis Payton

    DS (54): Vincent Frederick
    DW (51): Audrey Elizabeth
    DD (26): Poppy Brigitta
    DD (24): Lena Violet
    DD (21): Rose Scarlett

    DS (53): Oliver Charles
    DW (52): Nola Evelyn
    DS (24): Henry Benjamin
    DD (19): Leah Abigail

    DS (45): James Alexander
    DW (41): Ava Harper
    DS (12): Shane Logan
    DD (9): Grace Kennedy
    DS (6): Brady Donovan

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    For each of your children, roll to see how many children they have. Names and birth orders are your choice. Also, add in the names of your children-in-laws, as well as details of what your kids went on to do with their lives and where their families live.

    1. Two daughters

    2. One son

    3. Three sons

    4. Four children, two boys & two girls

    5. Two sons

    6. Three children, two boys & a girl

    7. Three daughters

    8. Two children, a boy & a girl

    9. One daughter

    10. Three children, two girls & a boy

    Oldest daughter, oldest child, Mae Josie Jacklin, goes to law school and becomes a lawyer after giving up on being a fashion designer and model. Then she marries Steven Oswald Smith, who is an accountant. Steven already had a three year old daughter, Fiona Geraldine Smith, from a previous fling. They then go on to have four children, two boys, two girls, after they move from Austin, where they met, to Cleveland Ohio. First they have twin girls, Harper Rini Smith and Pippa Louise Smith, and then two boys a year apart, Harold Benjamin Smith and Lucas Fredrick Smith. Currently Fiona is twenty three, dating a man named Benny Monroe Perry, Harper and Pippa are both single and in college, twenty years old. Harold has dropped out of college, age nineteen, to marry his high school sweet heart, Yvonne Fedricka Noor. Lucas is just finishing highs school, and is single.

    Second oldest child, oldest son, Solon Albert Jacklin, goes to grad school with a scholarship for football. In his last year he tears his ACL, making it impossible for him to play any sports until college is over. His nurse, a training nurse from a neighboring college, falls in love with him. Her name is Laura Teri Harrison. They fall in love, marry, and stay in Austin, Texas with Solon 's family (me!) They have two daughters, Josephine Monique Jacklin and Opal Geraldine Jacklin. Josephine and Opal are now in college, and Josephine is engaged to Gregory Manny Baker.

    Middle child, middle daughter, Deanna Rini Jacklin goes to school and becomes a teacher. At college she meets a man, Kyle Timothy Piper, who is majoring in nursing. They fall in love, move to Alberta, Canada, Kyle's dream place to live. They have two children, Henrietta Louisa Piper and Sophronia Marianne Piper, two years apart. Henrietta is in school to become a teacher like her mother, and Sophronia, also known as Sophie, is in her last year of high school.

    Second last child, youngest daughter, Marianna Kaia Jacklin goes to school and becomes a computer designer. At work she meets a man, Liam Horton Wellington, and they elope soon after they start dating. They run off to Paris, live there until Marianna gets pregnant with their only child. They move back to Austin, and have little Monroe Liam Wellington. Monroe is currently in his second year of high school, dating a cheerleader named Naomi Ursula Watson.

    Youngest child, youngest son, Jotham Gregory Jacklin, becomes an animal vet. He meets a woman at a bar named Rhea Clio Morrison, who is a nurse. They marry, stay in Austin, and have twin sons, Fred Gregory Jacklin and Jack Horton Jacklin, who are both freshman in high school.

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