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    A year after getting married they have their first son
    Greyson Martin Ross
    Grey has gray eyes and light brown hair

    3 years later they have twin girls
    Charlotte Wren Ross & Kensington Kate Ross
    Char has light brown hair & gray eyes while her twin sister K has gray eyes and blonde hair.

    Just 1 year later they welcome another little girl
    Eloise Meredith Ross
    Ellie haslight brown hair & blue eyes

    4 years later by surprise they have their final child a baby boy named
    Callum Benjamin Ross
    Cal has blonde hair & blue eyes

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    We wanted 3 kids in total but after our 3rd son was born we thought we would keep trying for a girl. The next 2 births were also boys. We thought 5 kids were enough and stopped trying. We were happy with our 5 sons and wouldn't change them for the world but we hope that at least one of them would bring us a beautiful Granddaughter. They are:

    Henry August
    Lincoln Reed
    Preston Theodore
    Lachlan Gabriel
    Austin Caesar
    Future Mother of:
    Lincoln Reed
    Blair Ivy
    Henry August

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    First roll the dice... 11

    If you rolled an ODD number, roll it again here:

    1. You have one son.

    2. You have one daughter.

    3. You have two children, a boy & a girl.

    4. You have two sons.

    5. You have two daughters.

    6. You have three children, two boys & a girl.

    7. You have three children, two girls & a boy.

    8. You have three sons.

    9. You have three daughters.

    10. You have four children, two boys & two girls.

    11. You have four children, three boys & a girl.

    12. You have four children, three girls & a boy.

    If you rolled an EVEN number, roll it again here:

    1. You have four sons.

    2. You have four daughters.

    3. You have five children, three boys & two girls.

    4. You have five children, three girls & two boys.

    5. You have five sons.

    6. You have five daughters.

    7. You have five children, four boys & a girl.

    8. You have five children, four girls & a boy.

    9. You have six children, three boys & three girls.

    10. You have six daughters.

    11. You have six sons.

    12. You have as many children as you want.

    What are your kids' names, in birth order?
    1. Mari Lucette Oliver (Mari after my grandma)
    2. Jack Harry Oliver (Jack after my grandad, Harry after husband)
    3. Alexander Jace Oliver "Xander"
    4. Janice Irene (after his mom, after me)
    5. Christopher Kellan Oliver "CK" (after his dad)
    6. Emilia Wren Oliver "Emmy (after my dead mom)

    What do your kids look like? (your choice)
    Mari has my blue-green eyes and my red-brown hair. She has her fathers petite nose and his mothers lips
    Jack has Harry's hazel eyes, his great-grandad (my side)'s blonde hair and my nose and Harry's lips
    Xander has Mari Snr.'s green eyes, my red-brown hair, my nose, and Harry's fathers lips
    Janice has my eyes, Harry's red hair, his nose and Christopher snr.'s lips
    CK has Harry's eyes, my hair, his eyes and Janice snr.'s nose and lips
    Emmy is my grandad's carbon copy, his blonde hair, grey eyes, his nose, but my lips

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    A 18 year old girl with a penchant for names (◡‿◡✿)
    Current Favorites [changes frequently]:
    ♀: Robyn, Zoe, Lux, Terra, Romy, Salem, Pearl
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