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    After 4 years of marriage we have our first daughter Gwendolyn Fallon. A year later her sister Primrose Allegra follows. When Rose is three we have our third daughter Clementine June. We thought we were finished with three but 4 years later I find out I am pregant again! We are having twins both girls again. Aurelia Carys and Annabelle Zinnia round out our family of 5 beautiful girls.
    Gwendoyln Fallon "Wendy" (8)
    Primrose Allegra "Rose" (7)
    Clementine June "Clem" (4)
    Aurelia Carys "Aura" (Newborn)
    Annabelle Zinnia "Anna" (Newborn)
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    DW: Jillian Elizabeth Danvers
    DH: Jeremy Malcolm Danvers

    Number of children: 5

    Genders: all girls

    Names/Birth order:
    1. Phoebe Rose Danvers
    Two years later...
    2. Celia Juliet Danvers
    One year later...
    3. Violet Evangeline Danvers
    4. Ruby Charlotte Danvers
    Four years later...
    5. Destiny Athena Danvers

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    After trying for three months, I fell pregnant!

    Baby 1 - Caden James Waters. Born on the 5th of March, weighing 6lbs 6oz. He has his mother's light brown hair and his father's indigo eyes and long eyelashes. He runs 3 miles every morning and watches cartoons in the evening. He didn't do too well at school, but only through lack of trying. He's actually incredibly smart and has a powerful imagination. He is extremely popular and never fails to make people laugh. He can come across as arrogant and self-important, but is actually terribly insecure.

    2 years later

    Baby 2 - Lucas Kai Waters. Born on the 8th of September, weighing 7lbs 4oz. He is slightly shorter than Caden with electric blue eyes and dark brown hair. He is quietly confident, but can come across as shy. Although he is not as popular as Caden, he has a few very good friends and has them in fits of laughter without even trying. He isn't good at Maths or Science, but has strong artistic talents. We aren't sure where he gets them from as both me and Christopher are terrible at drawing.

    2 years later

    Baby 3 - Willow India. Born on the 16th of June, weighing 6lbs 8oz. We gave our first daughter the middle name India, after our honeymoon destination. It suits her well as she dreams of travelling. She is very restless and indecisive. She hates the idea of staying in the same place for the rest of her life. She loves photography and dreams of travelling the world with nothing but a rucksack and her camera. She doesn't think much about boys, but she could have any boy she wants. She has dark brown hair which she constantly cuts and dyes, and she has her mother's curves and striking, green eyes.

    3 years later.

    Baby 4 - Jamie Emma-Lynn. Born on the 19th of April, weighing 9lbs 3oz. Jamie is named after her two late grandmothers, Emma and Lynn. She is the spitting image of her mother. She has light brown hair, grey eyes and glasses. She didn't have many friends as a child and spent most of her time reading. She excels at English and History. She is good with young children and hopes to become a teacher like her mother.

    5 years later.

    Baby 5 - Nathan Cole. Born on the 27th of February, weighing 5lbs 7oz. The baby of the family, Nathan is spoiled by everyone. He took longer to mature than his brothers and sisters, mainly because he was spoiled, but also because he had a speech impediment which made most people believe he was younger than he was. Nathan has inherited a little bit of all his siblings. He is funny and popular like Caden, artistic like Lucas, indecisive like Willow and smart like Jamie. He doesn't know what he wants to do with his life, but he is very laidback and doesn't worry.

    Caden, Luke, Willow, Jamie & Nathan.
    Just a teenage girl who's been obsessed with names since the age of 5...

    Current favourite girl names: Willow, Lily, India, Ava & Jamie

    Current favourite boy names: Caden, Lucas, James, Cole & Nathan

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    4. You have five children, three girls & two boys.

    2 years after the wedding I got pregnant with a:
    Neva Marie

    2 years later
    Nicholas Jhon

    12 months later
    Grace Charlotte Anne

    5 years later
    Vivienne Florence and Stephen Leon
    Girls: Neva, Hope, Katherine, Harlow, Vivienne, Florence, Grace, Nalha, Primrose, Arabella, Isla.

    Boys: Nicholas, Luke, Stephen, Leon, John, William, Henry, Victor, Fredrich, Rainer, Simon, Felix.

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