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    We have 6 daughters!!

    Lyla Christine
    1 yr later
    Kerri Briana
    2 yrs later
    Taylor Lauren
    1 yr later
    Maggie Ann
    2 yr later
    Danielle 'Dani' Sophia
    1 yr later
    Claire Elizabeth

    'Lyla, Kerri, Taylor, Maggie, Dani and Claire'

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    If you rolled an EVEN number, roll it again here:
    4. You have five children, three girls & two boys.

    1: Seth Austin
    Birthday: October 4 (age: 12)
    Looks: Dark brown hair, blue eyes.

    2: Erica Beth
    Birthday: March 11 (age: 10)
    Looks: Light brown/dark blonde hair, blue eyes.

    3: Violet Jo
    Birthday: January 2 (age: 7)
    Looks: Dark brown hair, brown eyes.

    4: Thomas Gordon
    Birthday: May 10 (age: 5)
    Looks: Dark blonde/light brown hair, brown eyes.

    5: Nola Juliette
    Birthday: September 9 (age: 1)
    Looks: Dark brown hair, blue eyes.
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    Katie and Jason ended up not wanting any kids but unexpectatly found out Katie was pregnant 4 years after their honeymoon, Katie had a little boy they named Xavier Jonas Lou. He was a shy little boy who ended up gay.

    What are your kids' names, in birth order?

    What do your kids look like? (your choice)

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    8. You have five children, four girls & a boy.

    DD: Andromeda Mary - 9 - - Andromeda is like a second mum to all our little ones. She loves to play with her sisters and brother, and especially loves holding Circe and helping feed her. Andromeda is very bright, she always gets good marks at school and taught herself to read when she was five.

    DD: Indigo Emma - 7 - - Indigo is our live-wire. She talks almost constantly (it's a wonder anyone can get a word in edgewise) and is always moving. Despite how active she is, she loves to wear dresses and the flower crowns she makes out of the daisies that grow in our backyard. Even though she has a hard time paying attention sometimes, Indigo is very, very clever.

    DD: Luna Charlotte - 5 - - Luna is very, very quiet. She has a big imagination and loves to draw the things she dreams up, but often has a difficult time talking about them. She loves flowers even more than Indigo, and sometimes Indigo makes crowns for her.

    DS: Lysander James - 3 - - Lysander is generally a cheerful little boy. He's rather prone to temper tantrums, but is normally quite kind. He loves to play with trucks and cars.

    DD: Circe Nora - 8 months - - We were planning on stopping at four kids, but Circe was our surprise baby and we love her dearly. She's sweet and smiley and very seldom cries. Luna is like a little mommy to her.

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