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    depends on the day and the book...
    My name is Emily Jane Harper.

    I was born on October 18th to my parents Jason Nathaniel Harper Sr. and Lydia Grace Harper.

    I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia with my siblings: Jason Nathaniel (Nate) Harper Jr., the eldest (I came a year younger than him); Bridget Elizabeth Harper, the third eldest; Samuel James (Sam) Harper, the fourth eldest and Chloe Isabel Harper, the baby.

    My childhood home:

    I went to King's College in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania to pursue a major in Psychology in hopes of becoming a Children's Psychologist.


    My husband's name is Caspar Isaac Montgomery.

    He was born on May 21st to his parents who sadly passed away in a car accident when he was 5 and his sisters were 2. He was raised by his grandparents Isaac Jonathan Montgomery and Clara Isabella Montgomery.

    He grew up in Austin, Texas with his twin sisters: Charlotte Elise Montgomery, the eldest of the twins (He's the eldest child) and Cecilia Marie Montgomery, the youngest.

    His childhood home:

    Caspar and I met through a mutual friend, Jamie Cosgrove. Jamie was attending college in Austin and I moved there and was rooming with her as I had already graduated. Jamie met Caspar and introduced us.

    Caspar attended college at Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, Virginia and majored in Medicine. He wanted to become a Pediatric Surgeon.
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    Husbands name: Augustus James Waters 'Auggie'
    Birthday: July 31st 1987
    Grew up: Richmond, VA
    Raised by: Grandparents, Willaim James 'Willie' and Helena Jean 'Lena'
    Siblings: No siblings
    Childhood home: 5.
    How you meet: Through work
    College: 3. Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, VA
    Where you moved after you graduated college: Pittsburgh, PA
    His major: English Lit
    Work: Author
    1st date: You take a trip to the aquarium, a place both of you love. You learn more about each other and the fish, and end up going out again the next night for dinner.

    His story:
    Augustus James Waters - call him Auggie - was born July 31st 1987. His dad split before he was born and his mother died in childbirth. His maternal grandparents, Willie and Lena took him in and raised him like their own. He was raised in Richmond, VA in the home his mom grew up in, He graduated at 17 in the 95th percentile of his class. He attended Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, VA as an English Lit major. He wanted to be an author.

    Your meeting and date:
    You meet at the hospital you were working - he was doing research for a novel he was writing. He got permission to shadow you all day, and was immediately taken by you. It took a lot of persistence to get you to go out with him. Finally, you accepted, and he took you to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. It was an unforgettable night. The next night, he took you out for dinner and this begins a long string of dinners and outings.
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    My husband is called Michael Jordan and he was born on the fourth of September in 1975. He grew up in Richmond, Virginia with his single mother Cayley Julia and two younger sisters Jemma Courtney and Ryley Isabella in a house: I met him through work after he'd graduated from American University in Washington, D.C. he studied English literature and language with the view to become an investigative journalist. We both moved to the same city, Charlottesville, to work which is were we met. For our first date he took me to dinner, it was very romantic and I felll for him instantly.
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    Husband - Maxwell Andrew Walker
    Birthday - April 27th
    Grew Up In - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Raised By - Mom + Dad, Only Child
    Childhood Home -
    College - University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont
    Majored in - Law
    Aspiration - Lawyer
    We Met - Through Work
    First Date - Dinner and a Movie

    I moved to - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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    What is your husband's name? Jeremy Malcolm Danvers

    When was he born? May 29th, 1991

    Where did he grow up? Roll the dice
    4. New York City, New York

    Who raised him? Roll the dice
    2. Mom and Dad
    Names: Malcolm and Maeve Danvers

    Does he have any siblings? Roll the dice
    Odd #: no

    What does his childhood home look like? Roll the dice

    How did you meet him? Roll the dice
    2. In high school

    If you did not meet DH while in college, what school did he go to? Roll the dice
    3. Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, Virginia

    If you did not meet DH while in college, where did you move to after you graduated? Roll the dice
    1. Your choice

    What did he major in? sociology and anthropology

    What does he want to do for work? professor

    What was the first date like? What did you do? Dinner and a movie

    My husband, Jeremy Malcolm Danvers, was born on May 29th, 1991, to Malcolm and Maeve Danvers of New York City, New York. An only child, he was close to his parents and the rest of his family. They raised him in this house:

    I met Jeremy when I was fifteen years old and a freshman in high school and he was a seventeen-year-old junior. He was on vacation with his parents to Atlanta, visiting family friends, Mr. and Mrs. Flowers, who happened to be my family's long-time across-the-street neighbors. Mrs. Flowers babysat Logan during day a few times a week and I would pick him up afterwards. It was December of 2008 and I went to pick up Logan. Jeremy was there with his parents, who were sitting having coffee with the Flowers. Mrs. Flowers thought she was being cute when she said, "Jeremy, I would like you to meet MISS Jillian Benson." I laughed, but I felt awkward. I thought Jeremy was cute and I had spoke little throughout the brief stay. Once I got the chance, I said goodbye, picked up Logan, and left. That was the last time I saw Jeremy.

    After graduating high school, Jeremy attended Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, Virginia, where he majored in sociology and anthropology. We were both living in Albany, New York when we met up again in October of 2016. We were both graduate students at the College of Saint Rose and we both worked for a literary magazine centered in NYC. I found out that my boyfriend, Harrison, had been cheating on me with a girl named Jamie for several months. Jeremy had found out about me through a co-worker (the whole situation with our exes had been a turbulent affair, to say the least). Our mutual co-worker set us up for a date: dinner at a laid-back local coffeeshop and a movie. At dinner, I discovered he was the same boy I had met nine years ago in Mrs. Flowers' kitchen.

    Jeremy and I started officially dating in July of 2018.

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