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    Husbands name: Augustus James Waters 'Auggie'
    Birthday: July 31st 1987
    Grew up: Richmond, VA
    Raised by: Grandparents, Willaim James 'Willie' and Helena Jean 'Lena'
    Siblings: No siblings
    Childhood home: 5.
    How you meet: Through work
    College: 3. Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, VA
    Where you moved after you graduated college: Pittsburgh, PA
    His major: English Lit
    Work: Author
    1st date: You take a trip to the aquarium, a place both of you love. You learn more about each other and the fish, and end up going out again the next night for dinner.

    His story:
    Augustus James Waters - call him Auggie - was born July 31st 1987. His dad split before he was born and his mother died in childbirth. His maternal grandparents, Willie and Lena took him in and raised him like their own. He was raised in Richmond, VA in the home his mom grew up in, He graduated at 17 in the 95th percentile of his class. He attended Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, VA as an English Lit major. He wanted to be an author.

    Your meeting and date:
    You meet at the hospital you were working - he was doing research for a novel he was writing. He got permission to shadow you all day, and was immediately taken by you. It took a lot of persistence to get you to go out with him. Finally, you accepted, and he took you to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. It was an unforgettable night. The next night, he took you out for dinner and this begins a long string of dinners and outings.
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