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    Your name: Savannah Francesca

    When is your birthday? july 7, 1996

    Where did you grow up?
    4. Atlanta, Georgia

    Who raised you?
    3. Single dad


    Do you have any siblings?yes

    If yes, how many?
    5. Five brothers

    1. Rowan Clay
    2. Levi Colton
    3. Mason Callum
    4. Dean Conrad
    5. Travis Cota

    What is the birth order? (your choice)
    1. Rowan Clay, 28
    2. Dean Conrad, 22
    3. Levi Colton, 17
    4. Savannah Rose, 16
    5. Mason Callum, 4
    6. Travis Cota, 2

    What did your childhood home look like?

    What college did you go to?
    6. Your choice, Vanderbilt University, Nasville, TN

    What did you major in college? double major
    psychology and interior design minor in creative writing

    What do you want to be when you grow up?
    hs councelor or interior designer

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    My name is Lana Patrice Finbow. My birthday is April 9th. I grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia, as an only child. My mother passed away just after I was born (my middle name is her first name), so I lived with my father, Raymond Oliver Finbow "Ray" for my whole childhood, in a beautiful suburban just on the outskirts of town.

    From a young age, I knew I wanted to be a lawyer. I also knew I had to work hard to achieve my dream. I was valedictorian of my class in high school, and attended Colby-Sawyer College in New London, New Hampshire, graduating with a master's degree in Legal Studies.

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    My name is Cecily Jane Thomas. I was born on 27th August in Houston Texas to my parents Martha Jane Thomas nee Gray and Ellis William Thomas. I am the eldest daughter of 5 children. I have an older brother William Gray, younger twin sisters Iris Josephine and Daisy Harriet and a baby brother George Ellis. My childhood home looked like this: At 18 I attended the University of Hartford in Hartford Connecticut where I majored in Psychology. I would eventually like to become a child psychologist.

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    Your name: Duffy Angeline Hendrix

    When is your birthday? December 22

    Where did you grow up?
    6. Your choice. Atlanta, Georgia

    Who raised you?
    4. Aunt and uncle
    Names: Margaret Leanne Hendrix & Corey James Hendrix

    Do you have any siblings? Roll the dice
    Odd #: no

    What did your childhood home look like?
    6. Your choice.

    What college did you go to?
    4. University of Hartford in Hartford, Connecticut

    What did you major in college? Nursing.

    What do you want to be when you grow up? Midwife.

    Hi my name is Duffy Angeline Hendrix. I was born on December 22 in Atlanta, Georgia where I've lived all my life. My parents never were that interested in me growing up, more into traveling and being "young" so when my amazing aunt and uncle offered to take care of me when I was 4 my parents jumped at the offer. My aunt Margaret and Uncle Corey, both who I call mom and dad since they have raised me basically for my entire life, couldn't have biological kids but they always told me growing up that while my parents made me they were truly who I was meant to be with. Because of that my parents never had anymore kids. Growing up I always looked up to my father who worked as a nurse for more then 20 years so when I graduated high school I attended nursing school at the University of Hartford to pursue my dream of becoming a midwife.
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    My name is Adalyn Mae Jefferson, but everyone calls me Addy. I was born on July 7th in Houston, Texas. I was raised by my grandparents after my mom died in a car accident when I was 4. My dad left home when I was a baby, so I can't remember him. My grandparents did a good job raising all five of us. The oldest is Lily, and then there's the twins, Maeve and Wesley. I'm closest to my brother Tobiah, who we call Toby. He's only a year older than me. And I'm the youngest. Our house growing up looked like this: After a lonely year at home without any of my siblings with me, I got in to the University of Hartford in Hartford, Connecticut. There, I majored in English. I want to be a book publisher.
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