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    Names like Lola?

    (Not planning on adding any more kiddos to the family in the near future, but since I was on nameberry yesterday, thought I'd pop back in to ramble and hypothesize about the *ifs* of names!)

    Lola was a name I threw around quite a bit back when we were beginning the process with our first child, and its always kind of been stuck in my mind even though I know that it won't work with our family anymore.

    Any suggestions of girls' names that are of a similar style to Lola (not sure how to pinpoint it exactly...) but maybe of a different sound? We have a son named Milo and two daughters named Tessa and Rae, so hypothetically something that would fit in nicely with those three.

    Just being wistful and wondering (and also gathering a new favorite names list), so throw any name my way that you could see matching up well with a little Lola!

    Milo James (MJ) - 2004, Cadence Rae - 2008, Tessa Madeline - 2011

    David, Zach, Milo, Rae, & Tessa

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    Using the "Lo" beginning (& could all have “Lola” as a nn if you like):
    *Loren (my favourite middle name)

    Using the "la" ending:

    As Lola is of Spanish origin (derived from Delores), I found some other Spanish girls names. I got a little carried away with this list! Spanish names are my latest obsession! Even better, many of them end in “a”, like Lola:
    *Consuela (love this, as a first or middle name)

    I hope this helps

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    Victoria, Australia
    Luella, Arabella, Lila, Leila

    FWIW I love Lola but my husband won't let me use it as sibling to my daughter Evie

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    I like Lola, but I think all the Lilly's have sort of worn out the double L sound.

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