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    Help please! Husband likes Layton; need some suggestions

    We found out we're having a boy and so excited except I have a more difficult time with names for boys. My husband has always loved Layton for a boy. I don't have a strong preference for a name, but I am not sure I'm completely settled on Layton as my son's name. His surname is pronounced like "wolf"

    I love the middle name of Blaine. I also somewhat like Samuel for a first name, but again, i just don't feel I've found the right name yet. Samuel is nice and classic, biblical, but we are not overly religious so I'm not sure.... I THINK I am leaning more toward Layton but am still open to other names as well.

    I think our preference is more of an unusual, modern-style name but is not so bizarre that it couldn't be considered an old/established/classic - We also considered Caleb but ruled it out for popularity, as well as Weiland (we decided sounds too much like Wailing Wolf.) lol. I also like Milo but husband hates it.

    **Do you have any distinguished suggestions?
    **What is the impression that comes to your mind when you hear the name Layton?

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    Layton, this spelling, is very masculine. I love it. My only suggestion would be Leland.

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    I like Layton a bit. It's not my favorite name, but it's not bad either, just NMS.

    Here's some others you might like:


    Those sort of have the same feel as Layton to me. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I love the suggestion of Leland above, and I was also going to suggest Landon. My problem with Layton is that "t" in the middle. Not sure where you're from, but in the States that could get pronounced either in the back of the throat or on the tip of the tongue, both sounding different. It would bother me that it could be pronounced different ways all the time, and that is the reason why I'll never use the name Brent with the same t problem. :/ Layton looks nice written out, but I personally wouldn't use it. What about Braxton?

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    Keaton was what first came to mind. (kee-ton).I just don't care for Layton - I don't like Y's, they feel overly trendy to me and I don't care for the "lay" bit, either. I think Leland is nice, I like that suggestion - Auden also came to mind.

    Samuel doesn't give me religious overtones when I hear it, honestly. Yes, it's biblical, but it's been around for such a long time that there are other associations, too. My son is Caleb (and your definitely right about the popularity!) and that's a biblical name, too, and I don't get religious vibes off that, either.

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