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    I don't know anything about Catalan names, except I once taught ESL to a Jordi.

    I like all of your girl name options. The one I like the most is Belén (I didn't know that was Basque - I thought it was the Spanish word for Bethlehem.) and I don't think it's hard to pronounce (at least not in Castellano, maybe in Basque it is). I know a little Belén and she is the most beautiful toddler I have ever seen. I am considering it for a middle name if we have another girl. From your list, I think Helena, Mireira, and Belen would probably be the easiest in English and Catalan. Is the pronunciation of "r" tricky in Catalan like it is in Spanish? Would that make it difficult for you to correctly pronounce Mireira or the other names that have "r's"? From your husband's list I like Alba, Marina, and Dalia. But they are all nice.

    For boys, I LOVE the name Ferran. I've never heard it before but I like Fernando and Federico, and it's kind of in that vein. I also like the idea of Sandro. Ferran, if the "rr" isn't a problem, is so cool!
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    Thanks for the input, everyone. We've been generally thinking our criteria are so limiting that we haven't really considered other factors -- like, do we love the names? does it flow with the middle and last name? how do they sound together? That said, what do you think of the following twinsets (in no particular order)? I recognize that they don't exactly "match."

    Tess and Xavi (prn Shah-vee)
    Tess and Ferran
    Tess and Sandro (prn Son-dro)
    Tess and Biel (prn Bee-yell)
    Tess and Herold (nn Harry? or not?)

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    Thanks, aguafresca -- I think you are right that Belen is Spanish/Castilian, not Basque after all. The Catalan language is more of a hybrid of Spanish and French; Xs are pronounced "sh", there are adjacent Ts and Xs, J-apostrophes, etc.

    We expect that any name will be Americanized here for daily use, but need the Catalans to be able to say it too. Ferran would probably be pronounced the same in Spanish and Catalan (rolled R), but here would be "Ferrin" or "Fah-ron".

    Ferran and Mireira are Catalan names, so we are not worried about them being able to say those.
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    I like Tess and Ferran and Tess and Xavi, though I think Ferran would work better in the US.

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    It seems that in the past few years Americans have been more interested in soccer. Iker appeared on the SSA list because of the last World Cup. We have Euro2012 and the Olympics this year, so the Spaniards will be all over the TV

    Love Xavi. Although it's Basque, I prefer Xabi
    Lluis could substitute Louis

    Don't care for Tess and it looks rather plain next to her brother's names, what about Teia?
    Belen shouldn't be tough to pronounce
    I like Alba, Marina, and Dalia
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