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    Please help with the near-impossible...!

    Hi Nameberries. I am expecting boy/girl twins in September, our first and probably last kids. I hope you can help my husband and me come up with names. As it stands now, our son will be known as Baby Boy because we are getting nowhere and this issue does not seem to be resolving itself...

    Both kids will have my (classically English-sounding) last name as their middle name and my husband's (classically Jewish-sounding) last name.

    Here are the parameters for the boy's name:
    -- We are trying to avoid boys' names that are either too classic (John, Michael, etc.) or too trendy (Jackson, Connor, Aiden, Jayden, Brayden, et al.). We don't want a name that screams "born in 2012."
    -- We're trying to avoid the top 200 or so.
    -- Husband is half Catalan and has a very Catalan first name (Jordi). He would really like to give at least one of the kids a Catalan name too... the problem that we both recognize is that most Catalan names are either variations of American/Anglo names (Marc, David) or will not translate well. Strictly Spanish/Castilian names will not work for historical reasons.
    -- I would like to be able to pronounce my son's name. I would also like the pronunciation to be somewhat phonetic to American readers, but we'd like the Catalan family to also be able to pronounce it.

    For our girl, I have long loved the name Tess, which is also my husband's grandmother's name. There is a good chance we will go with that, although it is not final.
    -- For the girl, I also like: Beatrice, Helena (Lena or Leni), Mabel. For Catalan names, Mireia (Mira, although I like Mariel more) and Belen (Basque, hard to say).
    -- He likes the following (Catalan) girls' names: Iria, Alba, Marina (my favorite of these), Mar, Dalia, Deia.

    For boys, we have considered:
    -- Xavi (his "slight favorite"; Catalan variation of Xavier but pronounced "Shah-vee," which has the phonetic issue.)
    -- Sandro (variation of Alexander/Alessandro; not really Catalan but we're both ok with it)
    -- Ferran (Catalan)
    -- Herold (family name on my side)
    -- Louis (family name on his side)
    -- We've also considered and rejected Cesc (Catalan variation of Francesco, pronounced "Sesk"), Aram, Biel (Catalan variation of Gabriel), Quim (Catalan for Joaquin/Joseph), Bernal/Bernat.

    The real problem is that neither of us really loves any boy names.

    Can you PLEASE help us? Do you think there are ANY viable options here? We're open to (begging for) suggestions of other non-Catalan names too, keeping in mind the parameters outlined above.


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    I really like Tess, Helena, Marina, and Dalia. I'm a big fan of Dalia actually.

    I like Sandro, and Louis for the boys.

    I don't know if I can suggest any Catalan names, because I know nothing of them, but I can suggest non-Catalan names too:
    Nathaniel / Nathan / Neil
    Nolan / Nalen
    Eden (prn Eh-den)
    Zender (form of Alexander)
    Nathaniel . Eden | Alessandra . Noel

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    Thanks east93! I like Nate -- though our friends just named their son Nathan and I have a cousin named Neil, so those probably won't work. Fredrick is interesting bc my name is Erica and my grandfather is Erich, but I don't love it.

    I've never heard Eden (with that pronunciation), Iden or Zender. I'll think about those...

    I will run all of these by Jordi. Keep them coming! Much appreciated!


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    You're welcome. I know Eden is Hebrew and male with that prn.

    Other ideas:
    Richard nn Ricky or Rick
    Nathaniel . Eden | Alessandra . Noel

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    Catalan names....(I hope these are actual Catalan names and not the "variations" you are trying to avoid, I found them in a census record from 1510, so their pretty old...)



    Beatriu - Catalan variation of Beatrice, I'm assuming, I think it would be darling.
    Tareza - Tess could be a cute nickname for this

    From your lists, I think Tess Marina would be lovely! I also really love Alba and Helena.
    Xavi is super cute, I really like Ferran and Harold.

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