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    I just found out...

    My parents picked my name out of a hat. Well actually by brother did. They let a nine year old pick his sisters name out of a hat. And as it turns out it was a name they werent really crazy about in the first place, they just couldnt agree on one they liked. All my life I never felt like I fit my name (Kristina).To me Kristinas are talkative and sociable and Ive always been rather stoic plus very "Anglo-saxon" looking. I would have done great with a nice little classic victorian name, but no. I used to not even respond when people called to me because Id literally forget my real name (most people called me Kirsty.)

    Now that I know my name was picked at random, that they didnt even consider my looks or personality when they named me I feel kinda bummed. There were some great names in that hat too like Brooke, Willow, Antonia, Emily, River, and Violet . I feel like I would have made and exellent Brooke or Violet but instead Im called something thats totally not me. Plus I got stuck with a totally generic middle name that is also a boys name so I cant even go by that.

    I feel so jipped. They at least could have liked the name.

    Picking names out of hats is for Secret Santa not for naming your child.

    Anyway, I feel bad about posting this here so what do you think of my great great grandmothers sibset? This woman knew how to name.
    She was Nettie. Her husband was Henry and they had four daughters born around 1900:
    Sophronia ( Henry's mothers name)
    Violet Gray
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    I can see why you'd feel a bit cheated, it sounds to me like they were trying to resolve and make a decision. If it makes you feel any better, my name is Amber (middle name C@it but with a proper A, lol) and people always say I'm "shy", "stoic" and "quiet" (I'm normally like that with people I don't know very well, though) but I know a lot of people see Amber as a livelier name, maybe even a bit raunchy. Not a shy British girl name, lol. I would very much like a classic Victorian name like Violet or Lavinia, but I realised that I make my name - it doesn't make me. So you get to define Kristina as your name. That said, I'm pretty certain that Christina was used in Victorian times, and Kristina is a legitimate national variant of it.

    Plus, I adore your great great grandma's sibset! I love Sophronia and the nn Fronie, and I love Ida. Evelyn is nice, too.
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    I feel your pain!

    My parents had it narrowed down to three choices when I was born, and they still couldn't decide, so apparently they left it up to me. lol. I bawled my eyes out when they tried out Jennifer Eileen, and I whimpered a bit for Alexandra Denee, but apparently I was happy as a clam for Ashley Marie, so that was my name. I don't have too many regrets these days--I've grown to see the appeal in Ashley, and I think it suits me completely, and much as I hate Marie still, I think Ashley Marie suits me well enough that I wouldn't want to deal with the hassle of changing it. They said they picked it because they though it "sounded good" and it just kills me that they couldn't have put more thought into it, found a family name, used something a bit more inventive than Marie. I can think of about 100 combos that work better than Ashley Marie, but whatever, lol. I actually think I would be an awesome Ashley Eleanor Grace, Grace for my grandma, but I've come to terms with my name and wouldn't change it. I'm such a girl, so I really don't like that I have a unisex name, but I still think Ashley suits me better than anything else I could have come up with. When (and if) I get married, I might decide to change my MNs then, but for now I'll just be Ashley Marie, I suppose, haha.

    And I agree with Amber about defining your own name--most people seem to have the opinion that Ashley is a name for a snooty, cheerleader, most-popular-girl-in-school sort of prick, but I'm like, the opposite of that, haha. I'm shy, a bookworm, was absolutely the opposite of popular, and I hope to live my life doing things for others, building them up, and I'm definitely not cheerleader material! And yet, I'm still 100% an Ashley, I've just grown to give it my own definition. Maybe you could come up with a NN for Kristina you like more, or you could even just change your name if you hate it that much. I grew up promising everyone I would change my name, and then I sort of fell in love with it, lol.

    I love the names in your family tree! Cora, Henry, and Evelyn are simply stunning, and Ida and Sophronia are lovely, as well.
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    OH man, I'd be devastated, well considering I want to change my name, I'd actually be thrilled as it'd give me more reason to.

    If you really don't like your name, then you can go by a nickname, like you do with Kristy, but if you don't like that then maybe Tina? I think you fit a Tina.
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    My sister chose my name if that makes you feel better. I was supposed to be an Amanda, but my parents didn't like any middle names with it. So she chose Jennifer and they made Amanda my middle name. She was 8 at the time.

    And I LOVE Cora! The other names are NMS, but really nice.
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