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    Sorry for any repeats--I wanted to give you my immediate response without it being tainted by other wonderful suggestions!

    Valentina Loren is gorgeous! Possible nicknames: Val, Tina, Lenny, Titi, V, Ren, and Valo.

    Good luck!
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    There are many nn possibilities, Vina (vee-nuh), Vita (vee-tuh), Lina or Lena (lee-nuh), Leni (lenny), Ina (ee-nuh), or Tia (tee-uh) would all work. And I love the middle name choice Loren!

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    I like Leni, Teeny (makes me think of Ya-Ya Sisterhood) or Ally

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    Valentina is beautiful!


    Elena (all the letters are there)
    Lina / Lena

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    Valentina is lovely.

    I like Vanta or Valta as nicknames. I think you could also get Lina ("leen-a") instead of Tina.

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