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    I really adore Cormac and Cordelia!! <3
    SAHM to Tess, Kaia and Jasper
    Hopeful for Penelope and Emmett someday
    "The earth, O Lord, is full of your mercy: teach me your laws" Psalm 119:64

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    Thanks for all of the input. My husband has held fast through all of my craziness over the names. And, we've decided to go with our originals. My 3 little little Coco's or Cocoa's (since our last name begins with "A")!

    We will have a Conor, Cormac, & Cordelia. We're almost set on middle names too, and they'll all have different middle initials, thankfully.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lori johnson View Post
    My recommendation is ...

    03. Teagan Elizabeth
    It's so funny that you mentioned That name in particular out of All of the names in the world. That was going to be Conor's name Exactly, if he were a girl! But, because of that, it's off the table for me now. Seems odd to some, I know. But, even though it wasn't his in the end, it was still made For him, if that makes sense. It's a Gorgeous name that I hope to see someone uses.

    And, for anyone who may read this in the future, I know it's listed in a lot of places as being Irish, it's actually not (in my experience). I've been here 4 years and I've talked to MANY Irish people about the name when I found it for Conor. No One here had ever heard of the name. After a bit of in-depth research, I found that while it Is a Celtic name, it's not Irish Celtic. It's a form of a Welsh name. A lot of people assume it's Irish, maybe because of Teague. But, that's an Irish masculine name, and because of it, Everyone here I mentioned Teagan to, hated it for a girl because it sounded masculine to them. Go figure!
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    All your choices are great but personally, I would choose different names. Like you said there are so many lovely names out there and you don't want to get stuck in a theme. Though by the time their born if you truly don't love any other name I don't think it would be the end of the word to have matchy sibling names. I just think the "Or" is a little over bearing in all three names. What about Malcolm and Delilah as a twin set?

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    Cormac and Cordelia are fine together, they could also go by the nn of Mac and Delia?

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