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    I think although there are similarities in the names each has a distinct sound.
    With Conor the key sound is the "Con" part where with Cormac the "mac" part is stronger. Mac would be an AWESOME nn BTW.
    Cordelia is 3 syllable and the "deel" sound dominates over other sounds. Cordy is a cute nn especially with Mac. Cordy sound quite different to Conor and Cormac.
    So yes, some parts are similar- but if they are the names you like I don't think it would be an issue- it's not like you are choosing Elijah, Eli and Elly.
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    This is a tough one! I love Cormac and Cordelia, but when you hear them listed at the same time it does sound a little like characters in a fairy tale. On the other hand, when you're actually introducing your children, there's a lot more to take in than just the names. They'll have their own personalities and appearances to go along with their very appealing names. This may be one of those situations where you make a decision when they arrive.

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    We may end up going with it. My husband isn't "Against" other names. It's just that we Have already started thinking of them as Cormac and Cordelia. And, me trying to have a name discussion has almost become a running joke in the house, by this point!!! He's utterly convinced about the names and can't understand why I'm becoming wishy-washy about it, since I wouldn't be if it was just one of the two on the way. After a lot of obsessing about it, I'm becoming a little more comfortable about the matchiness.

    The biggest reasons (I've seen Hundreds of times in the last week of in depth research) people give against it don't really apply in our situation. Using a calendar and writing initials for instance. My family all have different initials, but we used different color stars. My husbands family all have different initials, and they still used shapes. The twins aren't Identical, not even the same sex, so I don't think issues of "finding" their own identities will be a problem like sometimes happens with identicals. And even the issues with teachers dealing with same initials in school (not that I'm overly concerned about that one, I can imagine it's happened before and they've dealt with it), we live in Ireland and more than likely they'll all be going to same-sex schools, so Conor will be in an older class and Cordelia will be in a different school than Cormac. And, most importantly...I do Love the names.

    Anyway, I've decided that I'm driving myself crazy with it at the moment. I'm going to take a step back for a few days and then we're going to talk it all over again this weekend. If I'm still having issues with it then we'll take the time to come up with different initial names to at least have on the back-burner in case I'm hit with another burst of crazy at the end of the pregnancy and decided 100% Against the matching. And, then see how the new names grow on us. If they become as good/better than the first set or if they still end up falling short.

    So, thanks for all of the suggestions/advice so far, it has been appreciated. I'd still like to hear any other opinions, don't stop just because I "think" we've decided. :P

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    It's not terrible and I wouldn't think it utterly ridiculous, but I probably would have at least a slight internal eye roll.

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    I keep thinking about this thread and it seems to me like you just independently like Cormac and Cordelia and weren't trying to go for matchiness, is that true? I mean, if those are your two favorite names (and they do "flow" together well anyway), I'm thinking you should just go for it. They're both nice names independently and have several good nicknames that make them sound even more different. As far as matchy twin names go, this set is probably one of the best.

    Also, I'm trying to figure out myself if we have another girl if I'm okay with choosing the name Eloisa which has a lot of sounds in common with my daughter's name - Lucia. On one hand the matchiness is bothersome to me, but on the other, the majority of the time kids are just known by their first and last name (not so-and-so's sister), so it's probably more important that the first and last name go together than the sibset be perfect. I would hate to pass up Eloisa just because I already have a Lucia. So I've been thinking about that in relation to your posts and you sound like you've thought it through and are happy with your choices. So I'm kind of revising my first post - if you can't find anything else you like more, I think you should be confident with Cormac and Cordelia.
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