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    Boy & Girl Twins after a Singleton!

    I'm in baby-name overload! I guess you have to have something to obsess over and I've got almost all of the other big things figured out, so names are swirling around my head like a constantly running ticker tape!

    We have a 16 month Conor. We decided to try for "one more" and...well, we got one more than we bargained for!

    When we found out I was pregnant we decided, almost immediately on Cormac for a boy and Cordelia for a girl. I wouldn't have thought twice about having two "C" kids. I seem to be drawn to those names. And, this was to be my last pregnancy, so I wasn't worried about falling into the trap of having to Keep coming up with "C" names just so no one would be "left out".

    After we recovered from the news of Twins, we decided to hold off on naming issues until we either discovered the genders, or found out that they couldn't tell us definitely. We recently found out (with a 90% accuracy guarantee) that it's a boy and a girl.

    So, now the dilemma. Should I go with 3 "C" names, or is it too OTT, especially since the later two both begin with "Cor"? Or do I strive to have all different initials? We have both though of them with those names for so long now, that it seems like it would be hard to go a different route now, and my husband has no qualms with the names matching. It's just that if you had asked me Before, I would have said that I would never name twins "matching" names (and there are tons of lovely names out there).

    I definitely don't want the twins to have names that start with the same letter, and Conor be the odd one out, since he'll be in that position with most other things as they're growing up. And I don't want only one of the twins to have a "C" name that matches Conor and the other one not.

    So do I have:

    Or, do I start combing through names lists again?

    I know different people like different things, just wondering if YOU asked someone the names of their kids and they listed the above, would you be rolling your eyes in your mind?

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    Personally, I would choose different initials. Not only do Cormac and Cordelia share a "Cor" beginning but Conor also shares an "or" with the names so I find them very matchy. Try yelling them out a couple of times. My cousin has two sons named Cole and Conor and he says it's confusing and he regrets choosing the second name that is so similar. Twins are so often thought of as a "pair" so I like each child to have their own unique name to emphasize that they are truly "individuals". But in the end, it's your decision and if you love the names, then use them. Have you thought about putting them in the middle spot?
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    I have to agree with Mischa above. If the C names were more different from each other, maybe it wouldn't be as bad, but the Cor/or sounds repeating is a lot. I love the idea of keeping Cordelia and Cormac as middle names if you can figure out how to make that work. (Also, if it matters to you, I don't think of Cordelia and Conor as having the same "feel" - do you tend more toward Conor-type names, or more toward Cordelia-type names? That might be something to think about if you decide to look into other possibilities.)
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I may try to work them in as middle names, if possible. From the beginning it was obvious that they all started with a "Co". But, honestly I didn't realize the "Cor" for the beginning of the last two until very recently. And, I didn't make the "or" connection with Conor until you pointed it out!

    I seem to be drawn to the longer names personally. I also like names that would give kids a lot of options for nicknames, as we all know that kids hit that age where they want to be called anything Other than what their parents named them. But, I also like Short, snappy names as well, and like to pair them together. Conor has Alexander as a mn. And, "Cormac" would have had something similarly long and easy to break up into different nicknames. With "Cordelia", her first name would have been the longest one, but we would have called her "Cordy" which would fit in the same flow as the other two short names.
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    I really love Cormac and Cordelia with Conor, but I've always been a fan of alliteration in general. It's not everyone's cup of tea. I think you should absolutely use them as middle names if you decide you aren't a fan of them all sharing a first initial.
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