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    I actually like Cassidy! I know a girl who is around sixteen named Cassidy as well as a baby (maybe a year old) also named Cassidy, so it seems to me that the name kind of fits well for all ages. I prefer it on a girl, personally.

    I love the suggestion of Cassidy Jane, I think it's really pretty and simple. I also think the Cassidy Charlotte suggestion is pretty and, if you don't like Cassie, you can call a Cassidy Charlotte Cece because of her intials! (CJ would work for Cassidy Jane, but initial nicknames like that are often more masculine sounding).
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    Quote Originally Posted by libbyj06 View Post
    I like Cassidy and have always heard it as a girls' name so to me it seems feminine and pretty. I think what we hear a name used as first has a lot to do with our opinions on them. I don't like Cassandra. To me Cassie doesn't even go as a nickname for it. it would be Sandy or Sandra. I wouldn't call a Cassidy by Cassie though either. I like Cassia a lot too. Cassie goes best for than name in my opinion.
    That middle bit amusing. I'm Cassandra and I've always been called Cassie and almost every other Cassandra I've come across has gone by Cassie, too. I don't see how it doesn't go lol. CASSandra....CASSie........

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    It's okay. Not a favorite but not terrible.
    I like Jane with it. A short, simple name would work best since it's rather trendy and 3 syllables.

    Other mn options might be: Dawn, Faith, Eve, Joy, Ruth

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    Thanks for your thoughts and ideas!!! I have only ever met one person called Cassidy and she was a 4 or 5 year old little girl so that's probably why I've always thought of it as a girls name but obviously it can be both. I already have a baby girl named Sienna and we call her Si Si (C C) for short. I will keep thinking about Cassidy but Im not so sure its the right name for us especially because I let it slip to my Mum (we dont usually tell ANYONE our name choices) and she screwed up her nose and suggested other names...Oh well will keep it in mind but will keep looking to find "the" name! Thanks for your advice!
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