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    Surname: DiCaprio

    Name: Megan Janaya DiCaprio, age 38, height 5'6"
    Job: High School Teacher

    Husband: Jonathan Eric DiCaprio, age 47, height 5'9"
    Job: Lawyer

    Location: Miami, Florida

    Children: 3 boys and a girl

    Edgar Lennox [13]
    Nathaniel Chang [11] (Adopted)
    Rosalind Audrey [8]
    Sebastian Caius [7]
    Lucius Oberon [5]

    Dog: Bichon Frise called Méabh

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    The Lawrence Family.

    Your Name: Debbi Ann Lawrence, age 38 and 5’1” tall and works as an Event Planner.

    DH’s Name: Adam James Lawrence age 41 and 6’0” tall and works as a Photographer.

    The Lawrence family lives in Atlanta Georgia in a TownHouse with 4 bedrooms.

    Children (Harry Potter Names):
    DD: Lily Alice Lawrence Age: 11

    DD: Lavender Marjorie Lawrence Age: 11

    DD: Sybill Rowena Lawrence Age: 15

    DD: Molly Olympe Lawrence Age: 8

    AD: Malia (มาลัย) KULAP (กุหลาบ) Montri-Lawrence Age: 8

    (From Thailand)
    Bedroom 1: Adam and Debbi

    Bedroom 2: Malia and Molly.

    Bedroom 3: Sybill

    Bedroom 4: Lily and Lavender

    They also have a Collie named Candy.
    Forget glass slippers, this princess wears soccer cleats...
    I'm an 11 year old name nerd and i <3 BNGS!
    Fave Gurl Names: Rosalie, Theodora, Angellica, Lorelei, Tiffany, Amity, Venus, Charolette, and Josaphine
    Fave Boi Names: Isaiah, Mac, Lennon, Ryker, Russell, Henley, Henirix, Zayden, Zane, and Brennan

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    Surname: Ackles
    Your Name: Campbell Mae
    Your DH's Name: Grayson Luca
    Your Age: 40DH's Age: 50
    Your Height: 5'9"
    DH's Height: 5'7"
    Your Job: Event Planner
    DH's Job: Firefighter
    Location: Nashville, Tennessee
    Boy 7 Dean Oliver
    Girl 8 Arabella Fleur
    Girl 10
    Alice Luna
    Girl 15
    Amelia Lavendar (Harry Potter names)
    Adopted Child :Indonesia, 7, boy : Merrit ParkerDog Breed (King): Springer Spaniel
    Lily Elizabeth/Chase Steven/Zack Francis/Drew Daniel

    Girls: Isla~Kendall~Maeve~Henley~Harlow~Neva~Reau~Sloane~ Bristol~

    Boys: Knox~Gavin~Finn~Hayes~Theo~Miles~Kai~Sawyer~Bodhi~

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    LN: Moore
    Me: Kaley Marie (47)
    -High School Teacher
    DH: Austin James (44)
    Location: Dallas, Texas.
    DS: Hudson Everest (11)
    AD: Adelaide Elizabeth (10) Adopted from Indonesia.
    DD: Vienna Ireland (7)
    DS: Austin Kingston (4)
    Collie named Boo

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    Surname: Sheeran

    Your Name: Charlotte Diane
    Your DH's Name: Edward Christopher

    Your Age:
    8. 44
    DH's Age:
    9. 47

    Your Height:
    10. 5'8"
    DH's Height:
    4. 5'10"

    Your Job:
    9. Interior Designer
    DH's Job:
    1. Musician

    2. Boston, Massachusetts

    8. Four boys

    Names: Unisex
    Ages: 5, 9, 11, 15, respectively↓
    Vernon Jay Sheeran
    Halcyon Gale Sheeran
    Neal Clare Sheeran
    Duff Wallace Sheeran

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