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    Surname: DiCaprio

    Your Name: Isabel Serenity Your DH's Name: Damian Oliver

    Your Age:4. 40

    DH's Age: 7. 45

    Your Height: 10. 5'8"

    DH's Height: 11. 6'5"

    Your Job:12. Social Worker

    DH's Job: 12. Lawyer

    Location:12. Los Angeles, California

    Children: 5. Two boys and a girl
    Children's Names (fn and mn; theme applies to all children): 11. Harry Potter names
    (M) Percy James 5 yrs old
    (F) Gabrielle Rose 7 yrs old
    (M) Tom Arthur 9 yrs old

    Adopted Child: 9. Indonesia, 10, girl Ginevra Lily

    Dog Breed Dash: 2. Bernese Mountain Dog
    Olivia Anne
    Horses + Books + Names
    Favorite Combos:
    Eleanor Maeve, Charlotte Anne, Rosalie Charmaine

    William James, Edward Bryce, Anthony John

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