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    Create a sibset from around the world!

    I don't know if this is already thing but I hadn't seen it before and I thought it was a cool idea so I thought I'd make a thread for it!

    How to play:
    Complete the last poster's given task to you and then leave one for someone else.

    Poster 1 -
    2 girls and 1 boy from France.

    Poster 2 -
    Genevieve Claire
    Nathaniel Luis
    Cosette Elodie
    Triplets (3 boys) from India.

    You can use obvious names from that country or names that are just really popular there - even if they don't originate from that country!

    So let's start us off with...

    Twins (g+b) and another boy from Norway.
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    Winona Violet ~ Penelope Isadora ~ Iona Beatrix
    Asa Percival ~ Sebastian Fox ~ Hugo James

    Sylvie Lavinia ~ Theadora Florence ~ Isolde Snow
    Alfred Henry ~ River Augustus ~ Peter Edmund

    Elowen Fleur ~ Eloise Isabelle ~ Scarlet Ophelia
    Wren Alexander ~ Alasdair Rune ~ Robert Xavier

    <3 River, Blair, Wren, August & Ellis <3

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