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    Namebank CAF - most popular, least popular

    Namebank games are my favorite so I thought I'd make one I thought this would be an interesting way to see changes in name tastes over time.

    For each family member there are two name banks, the names that ranked 1-10 and 991-1000 on the US's popularity list for that gender for that year. Choose a first name from one bank and a middle name from the other; it doesn't matter which name comes from which bank. Some of the choices are interesting - feel free to name DS3 Elizabeth for example.

    DW (1900):
    [Most] Mary, Helen, Anna, Margaret, Ruth, Elizabeth, Florence, Ethel, Marie, Lillian
    [Least] Fae, Isadora, Ivory, Jaunita, Jerry, Jossie, Lexie, Luvinia, Macy, Malvina

    DH (1910):
    [Most] John, James, William, Robert, George, Joseph, Charles, Frank, Edward, Henry
    [Least] Cloyd, Constantine, Courtney, Curley, Dawson, Donnie, Durward, Elder, Elex, Ellie

    DD1 (1920):
    [Most] Mary, Dorothy, Helen, Margaret, Ruth, Mildred, Virginia, Elizabeth, Frances, Anna
    [Least] Clemmie, Elenore, Ellamae, Elois, Etha, Eveline, Gregoria, Kiyoko, Luisa, Lurline

    DS1 (1930):
    [Most] Robert, James, John, William, Richard, Charles, Donald, George, Joseph, Edward
    [Least] Cameron, Claire, Cleve, Ford, Genaro, Hurley, Jodie, Marshal, Mervyn, Murl

    DD2 (1940):
    [Most] Mary, Barbara, Patricia, Judith, Betty, Carol, Nancy, Linda, Shirley, Sandra
    [Least] Carolyne, Donita, Evalyn, Merilyn, Rubye, Annis, Arla, Billye, Georgiann, Hettie

    DS2 (1950):
    [Most] James, Robert, John, Michael, David, William, Richard, Thomas, Charles, Gary
    [Least] Cory, Deryl, Edsel, Edwardo, Elden, Henderson, Hunter, Jerrell, Lawson, Leeroy

    DD3 (1960):
    [Most] Mary, Susan, Linda, Karen, Donna, Lisa, Patricia, Debra, Cynthia, Deborah
    [Least] Deeann, Rosita, Bev, Carlotta, Keely, Lissa, Germaine, Lorinda, Pearlie, Phoebe

    DS3 (1970):
    [Most] Michael, James, David, John, Robert, Christopher, William, Brian, Mark, Richard
    [Least] Elgin, Elizabeth, Freeman, Jacky, Kenya, Lamonte, Vincenzo, Yancy, Augustus, Dedrick

    DD4 (1980):
    [Most] Jennifer, Amanda, Jessica, Melissa, Sarah, Heather, Nicole, Amy, Elizabeth, Michelle
    [Least] Linsey, Malia, Nicki, Thelma, Julianna, Liana, Tatiana, Chantelle, Kati, Lashunda

    DS4 (1990):
    [Most] Michael, Christopher, Matthew, Joshua, Daniel, David, Andrew, James, Justin, Joseph
    [Least] Bill, Bruno, Genaro, Waylon, Brittany, Eliezer, Jory, Misael, Tate, Deante

    DD5 (2000):
    [Most] Emily, Hannah, Madison, Ashley, Sarah, Alexis, Samantha, Jessica, Elizabeth, Taylor
    [Least] Kenna, Rayna, Iyana, Keeley, Kenia, Maiya, Melisa, Sky, Adrian, Marlen

    DS5 (2010):
    [Most] Jacob, Ethan, Michael, Jayden, William, Alexander, Noah, Daniel, Aiden, Anthony
    [Least] Thaddeus, Yousef, Clinton, Truman, Destin, Eliezer, Enoch, Joziah, Keshawn, Reuben

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    My answers:

    DW: Fae Margaret
    DH: John Dawson

    DD1: Anna Gregoria
    DS1: Cameron Charles
    DD2: Judith Arla
    DS2: James Henderson
    DD3: Phoebe Cynthia
    DS3: Mark Vincenzo
    DD4: Tatiana Sarah
    DS4: Jory Justin
    DD5: Kenna Samantha
    DS5: Ethan Joziah

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    DW: Margaret Macy
    DH: James Dawson
    DD: Anna Ellamae
    DS: Joseph Cameron
    DD: Carolyne Mary
    DS: Hunter William
    DD: Phoebe Deborah
    DS: David Augustus
    DD: Amy Julianna
    DS: Justin Tate
    DD: Alexis Rayna
    DS: Noah Reuben

    Anna, Joe, Callie, Hunter, Phoebe, David, Amy, Justin, Lexi and Noah
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