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    I think Moses is actually totally hipster in a so-far-out-it's-in kind of way; same category as Martha, Ethel, etc.
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    I actually really like it!
    It's definitely religious, but I can totally see it being used in my little hipster community.
    I think it's ripe for a jump in popularity.
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    I love it, I thinks it's usable and personally I don't think it's over the top!

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    The first thing I think about is Moses from the bible. I think the name is usable, and it kinda grows on you. But not being religious, I wouldn't probably wouldn't use the name, because I would think that they were from a very religious family.
    I'm not too fond of the name Able, but I do like it.
    As for the name "Amos", it's my (much) older cousin's name, but I was never very fond of it.
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    Completely usable. In fact, it's pretty common among Hispanics. I know three personally.

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