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    Moses is a very biblical name, so unless you are religious, I would avoid it, or else you might end up offending a religion.....

    Other than that, I think it's usable and fine, as long as you are religious

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    It's too over-the-top Biblical for me also. I far prefer Moishe for its soft unusual sound and the fact that (in English, at least) it doesn't beat the general public over the head with a very obvious Biblical association. I can't say I recommend it as a baby name for someone without a Jewish background, but it sounds nice.

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    Moses is really cool! You'd have to be brave , but I think it's usable!
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    I love Moses. It's definitely my fave boys name. And I actually met a grown (mid 20's) man at church with the name recently and I was so excited to hear it on a person.

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    I don't think Moses is OTT at all. I feel that it is underused but still as recognisable as Noah so I think it is a good choice. I also like Amos.

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