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    I love the name Moses. It's quirky but recognizable, and I love the connection to the Bible. It's been on and off my list (I have a HUGE list for boys). After Moses, I like Amos, then Able.
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    I've never met a Moses/Moshe who wasn't Jewish, so I can't imagine a non-Jewish kid with this name. Moshe is the Hebrew version, and of course, there's always the nn Moss, as in Moss Hart, the composer....I just think Moses is a hard act to follow. I feel that way about his sister Miriam's name too. A lot to put on a child in terms of expectations, especially when you're Jewish. Probably not so much if you're not.

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    I think it's usable, I know someone who named her child Moses.

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    I like the name Moses. I think it's usable. Also, the names Amos and Abel are very handsome. I like your style.

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    I think Moses is very usable and would love to meet a little guy named Moses.

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