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    How do you spell...?

    I was in the Target change rooms when I overheard one young lady ask the other ladies "How would you spell Av-a-lee?" Note this is how she pronounced it not the spelling obviously!
    This is what the other girls answered:
    "A v a l e e"
    "A v e r l i e"

    Anyway, it made me think if it were spelled Avalee perhaps people would say (long A) vah lee rather than A (like cat) vah lee.

    How would you spell it?
    What is the 'right' spelling?
    and is it even a proper name? It reminded me of Everly.

    PS not say I like this name as such, just curious!
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    If someone said "how do you spell Av-a-lee?" I would say there is no actual correct spelling because it's not an established name to my knowledge. I guess if I had to spell it I'd say Avalie or Avalee - but if I saw those names written I'd tend to say AY-va-lee, like Ava plus Lee. I would not say "Averlie" unless I heard an r sound iin there.

    I would thinik of Avalee as a smoosh of Ava and Lee.

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    I would say Avalie.

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    My niece is Avalynn, pronounced Av-a-lynn (a as in cat as well). I do see where it looks like a smoosh of Ava and Lynn though... I would agree there is not really a legit spelling for that pronunciation, she would probably just have to let people know. I would spell it Avalie as well. I do not understand where that 'r' came from at all lol...

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    Maybe Aveline?
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