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    That really stinks about the name stealing! I would recommend using something similar to Lucy, such as:


    As for the middle name, Antoinette, perhaps you could use a name that sounds somewhat similar?


    As for your other list, maybe some of the names just need a little tweak?

    Cora - Cara, Coral, Corabelle
    Delilah - Delia, Della, Delphine
    Rosalie - Rosalind, Rosamund, Rosemary
    Arabella - Aria, Annabell(e/a), Ariel

    I hope I helped! Best of luck in naming your little girl!
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    It's always been known that you would use Antoinette, so still use it. This story breaks my heart a little, but Antoinette isn't owned by anyone.

    Unfortunate coincidence about Lucy. My husband and I had our hypothetical children's names--Poppy and James. Now that we're having a little girl, we don't want to use Poppy anymore after years of tossing it around (okay, mainly bc I paired it with our last name and realized that it wasn't a good fit). It's fun exploring new names together, but it was hard to let Poppy go. We've decided that in the future we might name the family pet Poppy so I can still get my name.

    From your list I really like Cora--we're considering that for our 2nd daughter.
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    Wow, thank you for all the fast replies!

    I've actually talked to my brother about it and he said Luci isn't comfortable with our daughters having the same middle name. She says she was her little girl to be unique. And he also said "at least Grandma is being honored, so I don't see the problem."
    My mother was furious about the name theft, though, and she makes it known.

    I just think Antoinette will always been in the back of my mind, and as much as I don't wanna give it up, I also don't wanna cause tension between the family.

    As for what we like about Lucy, my husband and I love the style and also the sweet sound. We both love girly, feminine names.
    We really like the suggestions of Eliza, Elodie, Ivy, Jane, and Mabel!

    Thank you all for all your compassion, too
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    if they knew about your wish to use the name Antoinette, then they knew about the risk of giving the same middle name and it was obviously a risk they were willing to take, so i would also urge you to keep the name.

    However, do have a look around, maybe you will come across something you like better! Your mum's name perhaps?

    in stead of Lucy, i really like Lydie or Sylvie!

    Or how about Vera in stead of Cora (love Vera!)
    Or Jemima in stead of Delilah, nn Jem/Jemmy is very sweet!
    Or Coralie in stead of Cora and Rosalie.

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    Okay, I'm sorry, but if your sister-in-law wanted her daughter's name to be so "unique" then she should have used a name from her side of the family and not your grandmother's name. I don't care how much tension it would cause, if I wanted use my grandmother's name, I certainly wouldn't want let someone else (especially a non-blood relative who has less right to the name in the first place), stop me. Please do not let this woman bully you. If you let her dictate your actions on this, then you'll be setting the stage for a pattern that could go on for the rest of your relationship. She didn't take your feelings into account when she named her daughter, so I don't see why you should have consider her feelings when naming yours.

    Sorry if that was a bit rantish. I'm just shocked that somebody would have the gall to tell somebody else that they couldn't use their grandparent's name. That is just really beyond rude and disrespectful.

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