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    As the months pass, you all settle into a nice little routine with Jack. He’s become the father figure that you all lost, but so desperately need. You wish your grandmother were nicer, so you could snuggle up to her.

    One day, after arriving home from school, Jack brings in some brand new dresses for you and Lilac and a perfect little tuxedo for Sterling. He says your aunt and uncle are on their way over for dinner. You inquire about how these people are, since your grandmother’s so stern. Jack says your aunt is exactly like her mother, however, your uncle is just like his father, but then he rushes out of the room to continue getting ready before you can ask what your grandfather was like.

    An hour later, Jack brings you all out of the room and to the large, fancy dining room with the huge dining table. He seats you near the middle, where other children are sitting. You spot the woman that must be your aunt, and through the process of elimination, you figure out who must be your uncle.

    Throughout the course of dinner, you have figured out that your aunt has one daughter and your uncle has 5 children – 2 boys and 3 girls. You also learn all of their names by observing the conversations around you.

    Aunt: Margaret Clara Wilkes-Pell
    G: Mara Lisbeth Pell

    Uncle: Joseph Edward Wilkes
    G: Hermione Wren Wilkes
    G: Wilhemina Blythe Wilkes
    G: Cornelia Raven Wilkes
    B: Harold Reed Wilkes
    B: Lincoln Flint Wilkes
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