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    sister for Emerson & William

    We are having our second daughter in October. Our oldest is William Alexander (always called William) and we have a daughter, Emerson Frances, who we often call Emmi. Trying to come up with a name for this baby sister is tough! Here is our naming criteria:

    - needs to be somewhat of a classic name (like her siblings), perhaps from an older generation
    - We like a 2 syllable name that can be shortened to a nickname
    - the nickname cannot end in the "ie", "y" sound like Emmi

    To make this little girl even more special I sat through 2 ultrasounds being told by doctors telling me there was no heartbeat & we would have a miscarriage. 3 weeks later and no symptoms. i returned for a 3rd ultrasound and BAM! there was a healthy baby on the monitor with a beautiful heartbeat! I've been nervous & confused to say the least but after our 4th ultrasound at 18 weeks my worries were put to rest by a clean bill of health after VERY thorough examination of this little miracle baby. We are so blessed.

    Any ideas???
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    For 2 syllable, classic names I like:

    Though, there are many more 3 syllable names that I'm more drawn to for some reason.

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    How about:


    Not all two syllable names but since William and Emerson are also three syllables I think you can go two or three syllables easily. Actually a one syllable name would also follow on from the two longer-named siblings as well. A couple of gorgeous shorter names with your sibset would be:


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    With a story like that for this little miracle girl I think the name Vivienne Zoe or Zoe Vivienne would be perfect.

    Vivienne and Zoe both mean "life" and she certainly has beaten the odds.
    NN options: Viv, Vienne, Vivi (but maybe too close to Emmi)
    Phoebe Eliza Grace arrived after 2 Years of IVF

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    I think something classic, but in a crisp, surname style to go with Emerson (Emmi) would work well. The current blog about us Southerners using surnames for girls (often with Mary or Elizabeth) might help something pop, even if you aren't Southern. I know you want a nickname that doesn't end like Emmi, but I threw some of those in, too (so many nns end that way!).

    Frances (Anne, Annie, Francie, or Frankie)
    Connolly/Connelly (Nola or Nell)
    Linden (Lin or Linda) or Linnet (Lin, Etta)
    Maret/Merritt or Maren (Mare, Etta, or Merry)
    Marlow (Lola or Marley)
    Monroe (Mona)
    Larkin (Lark)
    Finley (Fin or Lee/Leah)
    Hollis (Holly or Lissa)
    Quincy (Quince or Quinn)
    Alcott (Allie) or Abbott (Abby)
    Campbell (Cam or Bell/Bella)
    Piper (Pip)

    Or if you don't want another surname, I think the one you pick should be sturdy to go with strong Emerson. A frouffy name will seem flimsy by comparison IMO... so some others:

    Olivia (nn Liv) - though popular, it's a gorgeous classic and this nn seems so sweetly appropriate
    Alice (Liss or Lissa)
    Miranda (Mira) - another Shakespeare classic
    Camille (Cam or Milla)
    Ramona (Mona)
    Elinor (Nora)
    Mariel (Mare, Elle)
    Amelia (Mia)
    Georgia (Gia)
    Margaret (Greta or Meg)
    Jemima (Jem or Mimi or Mim)
    Susan (Ann, Annie, or Sunny)

    And I think the suggestions of Vivien/Vivian is fabulous

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