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    I put this same thread up awhile ago and dantea convinced me to keep it on my list. It's the perfect name for me and I love it! I love that it has so many cool nn's and it's just so classic and masculine. It is the #1 boys' name in my state and I've only met one baby with that name in years. I didn't want my future child to be one of many with the same name in school, but as I thought about it, I realized that I went by Katy and knew several others with the same name (spelled Katie though) in my classes and it never bothered me. I think you should go for it if you love it!
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    Good point about the initials alzora, I'm not going to let it bother me... unless we have a third and then I'll have to use a different initial before we turn into the Duggars! I know what you mean about people not "hearing" a popular name anymore but I wonder if Alexander might be immune as it's such a strong sound.

    dantea it's funny you mention not knowing any Alexanders because I only know one! I do know friends of friends who have a little boy named Alexander (he's around six) and another couple who have a Xander but that's it.

    kathrynsarah I agree with everything you say about the name Alexander :-) I was one of three Rachel's in my class at school and yet I wouldn't say my name was exactly commonplace. I still love my name so maybe you are right and we should just go for it!

    *goes off to move Alexander up to the top of the list...*
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    I think it's a personal decision. For me, with boys, top 20 would probably deter me (but only if there were other names I also loved). I do have a lot of friends name Sara(h) and down tot he very last one they all complain about growing up and have to be "Sarah S" or "blonde Sarah" or "Soccer Sarah", so it's something I wouldn't want for my child. Just knowing how many parents are using the same name would increase the likelihood of that. But it doesn't mean it isn't a great name or that someone shouldn't use it. As pp have mentioned, at least there are various nicknames.
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    If you guys really love it, then that's important. The thing about some popular names is that they'll go out of fashion, or have a certain sound/feel to them that gives people a specific impression - like all the Jayden/Brayden type names. Popular, yes. Timeless, no. When it comes to avoiding a common name, that's the kind of thing i would make a point of not using.

    But names like Alexander - or Emma, or Jacob, or many of the others that are popular - are common for a reason, have always been accepted as real names, and will never really go out of style. So on the one hand, he might know other people named Alexander, but no one will ever think the less of him for it. His name will never seem dated or inappropriate or anything. Obviously there are names with this quality that aren't in the top however-many, but it's another thing for you to consider. There's a reason the name has been consistently popular for a while - a good one.

    Another point (since i'm playing devil's advocate already) is that "common" names nowadays aren't as common as top-10 names used to be, kwim? Back in the day, John was the most common boy's name, but it was used by something like 15% of the population. Nowadays the top 10 names are definitely heard a lot, but they're nowhere near as used. People go for a wider variety of names overall than they did before. So again, Alexander might be popular, but it still occurs less often than you might think.

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    I'd consider Bartholomew instead. Not as popular, and a better match with Agatha.

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