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    1. Adelaide - I can see the appeal with this name; I'm on and off about it, but, I just can't get on board with it 100%.

    2. Calla - Super pretty! I can see her fitting in very well in today's generation.

    3. Cecelia - Prefer the Cecilia spelling. Super pretty, delicate and lacy.

    4. Cordelia - I don't understand the appeal of this name. Definitely NMS.

    5. Eleanor - Strong, sophisticated name with great namesakes. I like it.

    6. Jane...or June - Jane over June any day. I think that Jane is underused and has a nice, strong, sweet sound.

    7. Maisie - Too cutsy for my taste. Prefer it as a nickname for a fuller name.

    8. Matilda - Don't understand the appeal of this name either. It should fit in with my style, but I just don't like it.

    9. Norah - NMS, I never liked Nora or Norah.

    10. Vera (Vair-uh pronunciation) - Prefer the VEER-ah pronunciation. I can't see a little girl with this name, but there's nothing wrong with the name itself.
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    I love your list!

    1. Adelaide - I quite love most Addy names, and I really love Adelaide! It's so rich and striking. I can't really picture using it, but it's one name I rather strongly disliked when I came to Nameberry but now I love it.
    2. Calla - the only one on your list I don't really care for. I like the nn Callie quite a bit, but Calla has always been rather hard for me to say, it just doesn't sound very attractive coming from my mouth. I like Callista and Calliope more.
    3. Cecelia - like quite a bit. I prefer the Cecilia spelling, but both are nice. I love the nns Celia and Celie for it.
    4. Cordelia - I usually prefer to see this as a MN, but I think it'd be so charming as a FN, too. I love Cordelia nn Cora! There's just something about it. It seems so rich and romantic.
    5. Eleanor - Utterly adore. It's a pretty huge contender for the last spot on my list, and it's currently a MN for my second favorite girls' name. I just love it, and the nns are so versatile. I currently love Eleanor nn Lena, but I think Ella, Leni, Elea, Ellie, Nell, Norah, etc., are fabulous, too!
    6. Jane...or June - Absolutely adore Jane! I would love to meet one, and I think Janey/Janie is so cute for a nn. So regal and sweet and timeless. June is nice, but I love Jane so much more.
    7. Maisie - I absolutely love it, but Maisie seems a bit too cutesy for me. I like Margaret or Mae, nn Maisie.
    8. Matilda - really like this, too! I love the nn Tilly to death, but I think I actually prefer this as a MN. I have actually been considering Eleanor Matilda this evening.
    9. Norah - I had gone off of it for a while, but it's quickly growing on me! I'm so glad to see this spelling over Nora--Nora looks so incomplete to me. I also like the option of Eleanor nn Norah.
    10. Vera (Vair-uh pronunciation) - eh, not my thing, really, sorry. I like the VEER-ah pronunciation more, and I like Verity even more than that.

    Eleanor is my favorite, but I really, really love Jane, Cordelia, Adelaide, and Matilda!

    Good luck!
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    1. Adelaide
    This is a favorite of mine. The sound is very distinct and unexpected it awlays seems new when i say it. I think it is a very elegant, independent, sunstantial and intelligant name. Pity it is the name of a city over here in Aus.
    Adelaide Celeste
    Adelaide Augustine
    Adelaide Virginia

    2. Calla
    Sorry but i dont like this one at all. there is nothing to it, only a feeble sound that is quick off the tounge. Its not the name of someone who would aspire others, to me.

    3. Cecelia
    Another favorite. This name is full of fire and life and for this reason fits better with a lesser middle name because Cecelia will improve it without overdoing it. This name i think doesnt need to compete with its middle.
    Cecelia Rose
    Cecelia Jane
    Cecelia May
    Cecelia Dove

    4. Cordelia
    This reminds me of cool streams. I think its very tranquill and lack the independance of Adelaide and the energy of Cecelia. It has a very distinct sound and can stand on its own very effectivly.
    Cordelia Celine
    Cordelia Penrose
    Cordelia Guinevere
    Cordelia June

    5. Eleanor
    This name is so elegant and 'proper' i think, you really cant go wrong with such a classic. Its handsom and humble.
    Eleanor Beatrice
    Eleanor Jane
    Eleanor Iris

    6. June
    I prefer June over Jane. Jane is a classic but lack interest because it has been so over done, June is similar but quieter and more mature. If anything it lacks substance with Jane has.
    June Virginia
    June Eleanora

    7. Maisie
    This seems like a forever childish name. It has oddity with familiarity however, if i met someone called Maisy (i prefer this spelling) i would think it rather cool and wonder what her personality would be. Its very storybookish and spunky.
    Maisy Penrose
    Maisy Finch
    Maisy Rose

    8. Matilda
    Like Eleanore, i feel you could never go wrong with this name. She would be perhaps a bit more spoilt and lacking in grace compared to Eleanore, but has charm.
    Matilda Margaret
    Matilda Delphine
    Matilda Astrid

    9. Norah
    Whenever i hear this name i think of someone gnawing on something. Lacks everthing that other names on your list have, the only realtion being a classic ( exept Calla)

    10. Vera (Vair-uh pronunciation)
    Prefer Veer - uh pron. Very slick, independant and film noir lady.
    Vera Delphine
    Vera Florence
    Vera Daphne



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    1. Adelaide -- with the rise of Addyson and all of its spellings, I find this one boring, which is unfortunate, because I used to think it was pretty and reminded me of lemonade.

    2. Calla -- so pretty and soft-sounding. I love how it's so easy spell and pronounce, but at the same time is exotic.

    3. Cecelia -- used to love this, but I feel like it got too popular. But actually I can't think of a single Cecilia that I know personally, but I still find it boring anymore.

    4. Cordelia -- I think this is pretty, but again, I feel like too many people throw this name around so it no longer stands out as anything special.

    5. Eleanor -- If you want vintage, I think this is a perfect choice. No one would have to ask the spelling or pronunciation, but at the same time, it feels unused enough to really stand out as a nice attention-getting name.

    6. Jane...or June -- PICK JUNE! I was thinking about the name June a few weeks ago, and realized that it is really underused. I love it from Reese Witherspoon's portrayal of June Carter in Walk the Line.

    7. Maisie -- Is this pronounced Macy or Mazie? I like the former, with an s sound rather than a z sound.

    8. Matilda -- Darling.

    9. Norah -- Love it, but I would drop the h.

    10. Vera (Vair-uh pronunciation) -- I thought this was usually pronounced VEER-uh? If you have to clarify the pronunciation, it will just be a pain for you and the child to live with.

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    1. Adelaide- I like this name a lot, I think it is really classy yet cute and girly at the same time. I'm not a fan for masculine names on girls so I love obviously girly names.

    2. Calla- This name I would categorize as just OK. I think Callie would be a better choice.

    3. Cecelia- I personally wouldn't use this name, but it's pretty and classy and I had a porcelain doll that I named cecelia when I was little

    4. Cordelia- Again, not my style, but I think of Anne of Green Gables and when Anne and Diana are talking about "Lady Cordelia" so it's a good association. Sounds rich and old-fashioned.

    5. Eleanor- Although it isn't my style, it sounds feminine and very elegant and has good nicknames. I like Ella or Norah for a nn.

    6. Jane...or June - I do not like June, I think of a June bug and old ladies, haha! It would be workable as a middle. I like Jane a lot. My mom's middle name is Jayne and I may use it. It's plain yet pretty and classy and I think of Jane Eyre and love that book and movie. Lovely choice.

    7. Maisie - not my style, but I think it is really a cute name. Would be a good choice for a full name or nickname, in my opinion.

    8. Matilda- I don't care for this name AT ALL. I'm not sure why, I can't quite place it, but I think it's just not attractive.

    9. Norah- I think this is a rather plain old fashioned name, but not bad by any means. Just not for me, I guess.

    10. Vera- I don't care for this pronunciation or the the Veer-a one either. Not my style and unattractive in my opinion.
    SO overall, I think it's a good list and you could come up with some great combos. for first and middles.

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