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Thread: Dina

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    When you see Dina, do you think DYE-nah or DEE-nah?

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    I would say dee-nah.
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    Dye-nah. But that's only because I'm used to Dinah from Bible stories and church, and I've almost always heard that pronounced the same way.
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    I think DEE-nah, which I find prettier. Dye-nah sounds like diner said with an accent, not much of a name IMO.
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    My name is Dina and is pronounce dee-nah. I absolutely do not like it when people say dye-nah. For one thing, there is no 'h' at the end of the name. Also, would you pronounce Tina or Gina as Tye-na or Gye-na?

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