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    A middle name for Jonah! HELP

    Hello to all and a plea of help. We are expecting baby 3 in october but can't decide on boys names at all-we have two boys already so it's tricky to come up with a third you absolutely love as much. My choice it Jonah but hubby wants Arthur. So I am trying to come up with a great middle name to convince him!!!
    Please help! Thank you

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    Jonah Sebastian is wonderful. I'll throw Jonah Xavier, Jonah Florian, Jonah Felix, Jonah Percival & Jonah Winston into the mix.

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    I personally love Arthur Jonah or Jonah Arthur to make you both happy. The names go great together.


    Jonah Elliott
    Jonah Drake
    Jonah Rhys
    Jonah Tobias
    Jonah Lewis
    Jonah Merritt
    Jonah Walker
    Jonah Warren
    Jonah Blake
    Jonah Dawson

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