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    Sadie Vivian / Vivienne (Vi- from Virginia + Ann)
    Sadie Vianne (Vi- + Ann)
    Sadie Lavinia (has Vi- and -nia like Virginia)
    Sadie Gianna (Gi from Ginny + Ann)
    Sadie June
    Sadie Junia (June + Nia from Virginia)
    Sadie Annevieve (I've seen this name floating around on names sites but have never found anything about its origin. I think it works very well for honor Virginia Ann with an intriguing spin and sounds lovely with Sadie)
    Sadie Regina (Virginia and Regina were both names that honor queens, and sound similar)
    Sadie Virgilia (an interesting Shakespearean name that works for honoring Virginia)
    Sadie Virtue (shares the Vir-)
    Sadie Viridiana / Viridienne (Vir- and Ann)
    "Don't try to be modern, it's the most old-fashioned thing there is," - Attilio, The Tiger and the Snow

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