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Thread: A sister for..

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    A sister for..

    What name would you pair with Aviana Juliet? (We pronounce her name Ah-vee-ah-nuh) We like different/unique names thanks in advance!

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    Gentlemen: Andrew | Arlen | Finn/Finnegan | Harvey | Henry | James | Lachlan | Nolan | Patrick | Theodore | Thomas

    Ladies: Gemma | Jane | Lily | Phoebe

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    My first thoughts are Avalon or Avonlea. I guess that would be a bit heavy on the "Av," but in my head I put all three names in the same category...the "Av" category. Haha

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    For some reason Maria comes to my mind but that's not really unique I guess Do you want it to sound similar? I keep thinking of other names ending in "na" like Juliana, Alana, Viviana....

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    Aviana and Evangeline was the first set to come to mind. Others would be:
    Aviana and Susannah
    Aviana and Lydia
    Aviana and Miriam
    Aviana and Eloise
    Aviana and Genivieve
    Aviana and Gwendolyn
    Aviana and Gwyneth
    Aviana and Harriet/Hattie

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