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    Our top girl names, wdyt??

    SO and I aren't expecting yet, we want to wait until he finishes school next spring, but we have come to an agreement on our top two baby girls names and would love feedback!

    Aria Lyric


    Harmony Beth

    Thanks in advance for any feedback. Happy naming!
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    Aria Lyric is cute, but a little much for me. I feel like Aria Beth would be better because it's not OTT musical. Aria Elizabeth would be even better. Harmony isn't my style. A little 'downmarket' in vibe IMO. Sorry! I really do love Aria!
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    Aria is really pretty. Personally, I agree that Aria Lyric is a bit much and would go for Aria Beth, but that's just me. Harmony Beth is pretty too.

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    Ditto Aria Lyric. In love with Daphne Piper from your list.

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    Aria Lyric Taylor - very very musical, and I personally don't like Lyric. Nice meaning, but the "ric" ending is jarring, especially paired with the insubstantial "Aria". I would suggest the alternatives of Amara, Allegra (for the musical connotations, sort of), Echo, and think that Daphne Piper is lovely.
    Harmony Beth Taylor - Harmony is cutesy and to my mind, tacky, and Beth is a nickname. Would Helena or (again) Amara be of any interest?

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