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Thread: Rain or...

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    Rain or...

    I wanted something less used for boys than Rowan. (It's a common-enough male name here in Australia) and I like leaving nature names for the guys when possible as there's not many. My hope had been for Rosamund but my husband doesn't like it.

    My husband is shockingly okay - we rarely both like a name - with Rain, and with Raina/Rayna/Reina.

    Rain is a nature name, with the simplest meaning and spelling but also maybe the least "name" sounding? I can't decide if I like its single-syllableness or not.

    The others mean "queen" or "pure." I don't know which spelling is best, though I generally lean away from y's. Has no gender identity issues. Used in several languages.

    My husband also likes Raine. I'm not sure the e does anything for me, really, but it was the one he picked first (though he a minute later said "they're all good") so it has some draw.

    I would be interested in which appeals to you?

    None of them are on the Australian top 1000. They are more popular in the US. I am American though and we're not sure where we'll be later.

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    I like Rain better than Reina/Raina. To me Raine looks more masculine

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    I like Rain the best! I actually like it spelled Raine so it doesn't look like the word Rain.

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    I actually have never met a girl Rain, but several boy Rain's and one spelled Raine ^_^ I prefer Rain on a boy and Raina on a girl.

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