View Poll Results: Pick no more than 2 of each gender

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  • Sansa Mirabelle Prelidiana

    8 7.21%
  • Laurel Tamsen Otsana

    32 28.83%
  • Violet Willa Beatrix

    72 64.86%
  • Lilou Virginia Seraphine

    19 17.12%
  • Hadley Aurelia Winter

    42 37.84%
  • Damien Luca Frias

    23 20.72%
  • Henry Luca Wolf

    75 67.57%
  • Syler Ashton Ryker

    10 9.01%
  • Kellan Jasper Felix

    40 36.04%
  • Renly William Cesare

    17 15.32%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: One more poll

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    Quote Originally Posted by niteowl13 View Post
    I voted for Sansa and Renly!
    I love Game of Thrones!
    Prelidiana is a bit odd though, and I don't like Cesare
    Just Sansa Mirabelle and Renly William are great!
    Agree with everything niteowl13 said above. LOVE Sansa, and love Renly. Agree to stick with only Mirabelle and William as mn's.

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    Aww thank you. My next dd will probably be Sansa Mirabelle, but I ended up going with something completely off the list until a few days prior to her birth. You can see in my signature

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    Love Hadley Aurelia Winter! I also love Luca, Syler, Mirabelle, Winter, and Violet on their own!

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    I voted for Sansa, Violet, Damien, and Kellan.

    Sansa just seems very fresh and spunky. I like it more than Violet for you. Lilou for some reason reminds me of the nickname of Lindsay Lohan, Lilo, which is a turn off even though there is nothing wrong with it. Laurel is pretty, but for some reason felt a little bland.

    Out of the two boys names I picked I prefer Damien. Henry is good and solid, but also feels a bit bland. Slyer I don't like as much as Silas. Kellan just looked interesting to me.

    Hadley and Renly are unisex names to me, which would be really cool as a sibling set (twins especially) in gender neutral clothing, but maybe not with a big sister named Cora. In a vacuum taking on both names individually, I'm not fond of how they sound.

    I remember you saying you like bold names and in your signature I like Damien, Draco, Agatha, and Sansa. Jasper and Ivy are so popular here at Nameberry and are rather expected and thus not that bold to me since they're suggested all the time.

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    Thanks for loving my names. I've made a lot of changes to my list since I created this poll back in June. I'll post a new one soon!

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