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  • Sansa Mirabelle Prelidiana

    8 7.21%
  • Laurel Tamsen Otsana

    32 28.83%
  • Violet Willa Beatrix

    72 64.86%
  • Lilou Virginia Seraphine

    19 17.12%
  • Hadley Aurelia Winter

    42 37.84%
  • Damien Luca Frias

    23 20.72%
  • Henry Luca Wolf

    75 67.57%
  • Syler Ashton Ryker

    10 9.01%
  • Kellan Jasper Felix

    40 36.04%
  • Renly William Cesare

    17 15.32%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: One more poll

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    I have to say, I LOVE Henry Luca Wolf. Very, very handsome. From your boys, I also picked Damien Luca Frias, though, maybe you can't use them together. From your girls I love Violet Willa and Sansa Mirabelle. I feel like the last name is just tacked on there, though. I don't think you need them. Especially Prelidiana for Sansa. Sansa is already pleanty unique without adding that confusion. Sansa Mirabel would actually look a lot cleaner and sound a lot nicer.
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    My top two would be Henry and Violet.

    If you dropped the first names, then I'd like Aurelia Winter and Jasper Felix best.

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    Jun 2012
    I also actually really like Sansa Mirabelle and Syler Ashton - I just dislike the seemingly random and unnecessary 3rd names stuck on the end.

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    @ indianruby and sas87. Perlidiana is a family name to honor someone very dear to me who died recently. It is Portuguese so I also like that it ties to our heritage.

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    But I agree that it sounds better as just Sansa Mirabelle.

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