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    Leo, Max, Brady and Fox..What do you think?

    Thanks for all your suggestions on my other thread!
    My hubby and I both like these, they are all just what we want... a little bit interesting with some edge but still normal enough to get by.

    Leo Thackeray Sawyer- Does Leo, Jack and Emmy just sound to simple and predictable to you?
    Maxwell (Max) Thackeray Sawyer- Is having a Max and an Emmy too JLo and do Max and Jack work? ... I don't know why but I feel a little uneasy.
    Brady Sawyer Thackeray- I've been crushing on this one for a while... It conjures up a beautiful child to me for some reason.
    Fox Thackeray Sawyer- It's definitely the most out there of the bunch, but I like it's individuality and the only name my hubby loves, don't hate it straight away, give it a go?

    I've come to the conclusion that we will meet this little boy and then name him but I still want to have a few names set in stone... I have to have some sort of plan!
    Oh and my cesarean is scheduled for the 8th of August, but because I am so tiny (stature not stomach!!) my doctor is saying that they may need to be born even earlier so the end of July is looking like the time we will finally get to meet them, the 28th is my birthday so they could possibly share it with me! Crazy, less than 2 months to go!

    So let me know what you think
    Gracen xx
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    Leo - I like this, think it works well with Jack and Emmy, and not too predictable. Sometimes simple is best.
    Maxwell (Max) - Depending on accents, Max and Jack can sound very similar, and I would say possibly Emmy and Max is a bit too J-Lo, though with Jack in there to break it up it could be doable.
    Brady - prefer Bradley, and I'm not entirely sure it works - feels much more surnamey than Jack (assuming Jack is just Jack and not Jackson nn Jack, of course) and you've got the repeating -y ending on Brady and Emmy. I don't know, it just doesn't quite seem to fit to me.
    Fox - again, seems very different in style but I think Jack, Emmy and Fox works better than Jack, Emmy and Brady - I think it's the different endings which swings it.

    My favourite would be Jack, Emmy and Leo.

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    My favorite would have to be Leo. It goes well with the names and it sounds the best with Thackeray Sawyer.

    I think Fox, thought it sounds good with Thackeray Sawyer, does not fit in with a Jack and Emmy. The name really does stand out.

    With Brady, I think it works with Thackeray Sawyer if you are pn (Bray-dee) which I assume is the correct form, but I could is as (Brad-ee) as well.... I prefer Bradley as well. I don't think Brady fits with Jack and Emmy.

    I think Max will be too close to Jack.

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    Emmeline, Jack, and Leo go together perfectly!
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    I love all of them except Fox! I have a cousin named Hudson Fox & I think it works okay as a middle name.

    I love Emmy, Jack & Brady! Too cute!
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