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Thread: Rainy Day CAF

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    Your name is Eva Matilde Duncan, and you're 19 years old. You're a college freshman and you're enjoying life on your own in New York City. You have a long distance love, Elias Frances Kennish, back home in Alabama. Elias is 23 and he works as an architect. You two have been together for 2 1/2 years, and things are getting more serious between the two of you.

    You go to Alabama to visit Elias over winter break, and he proposes to you on Christmas day. You accept with tears in your eyes, and set the date of your wedding for that June.

    6 months later, you walk down the aisle in a gorgeous white, strapless Maggie Sotero dress. Elias shines in a white tux, and all of your guests enjoy the beautiful lake backdrop of the ceremony. The reception is in the front yard of a beautiful mansion.

    After the wedding, you two honeymoon in Cannes, France for one week. When you get back home, you settle down in Alabama with Elias and enroll in a local college.

    2 years later, you feel like you've got the flu. The thing is, you don't think that the flu should last a full month. You go to your doctor, whom confirms that you're 2 months pregnant. You're shocked, but glad to be starting a family with Elias. You're just worried about finishing school.

    7 months later, you give birth to a set of fraternal twins--one girl and one boy. Their names are Ava Sophia & Aiden Samuel.

    After the birth of the twins, you finish out the school year and graduate college on time at 22 years old. A couple of months later, Elias suggests that you move to New York where there are more job opportunities for both him and yourself.

    You make the move to New York City in September, and by Christmas, you announce that you're pregnant again. It comes as a shock because the twins are only 7 months old.

    7 months later, you give birth to a baby boy named Beckett Abraham. He goes by "Beck," and he's perfect. Ava & Aiden love him, and you and Elias are overjoyed to have him in your arms.

    3 years go by, and you discover that you're pregnant again! You weren't expecting it, but you are elated to welcome another baby into this world.

    You give birth to a baby girl and name her Elena Annabel. She's beautiful, and everyone falls in love with her.

    2 years after Elena's born, you find yourself feeling sick and you decide to take a pregnancy test just in case. You were right, you confirm your pregnancy and 7 months later, you give birth to a baby boy named August Reed. He goes by "Gus."

    Now that you're 28, you feel like it's time for you to start a career. You begin working as an interior designer, and after a year, you're able to find an even better job in Chicago. Elias supports you and you all make the move to the Windy City.

    2 years later, you find out that you're pregnant again. It wasn't planned, but it is welcomed. You give birth to a baby boy named Grayson Jacob and he's the most beautiful child in the world.

    After Grayson's birth, you decide that you want to take a break from work, and your family moves back to New York where Elias finds an amazing job.

    3 years after moving back to the Big Apple, you talk to Elias about adding another baby to the family. He agrees with you, and the two of you welcome a set of identical twin boys named Edward Brett & Hunter Drew. They go by "Ed & Hunt."

    A year later, you are pleasantly surprised to find out that you're expecting once again. You give birth to a baby girl at 34. Her name is Winslet Miranda, but she goes by "Winnie."

    5 years after Winnie's birth, you find yourself yearning for another baby. After 2 years of trying, you finally decide to get IVF treatments. The first round fails, but the second round is successful. You give birth to triplet girls and name them Emmalee Irene, Opal Eve & Summer Adela.
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    || Alaga Muhamed Mumin || Rijad Ilijas Mumin || Elham Ibrahim Džan ||

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