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    New here. Wondering peoples thoughts on...

    The name Georgiana? I've loved this name for a long time but Im wondering what people think of it. Is it too much name?
    also, thoughts on...
    Kate- worried its too boring
    Josephine-worried it screams old lady. It was my great grandmothers name and im kind of in love with it.
    This is my first post so sorry if i sound awkward or something
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    Welcome to Nameberry! Let me reassure you now that you have excellent taste in names. The names in your signature are very nice.

    Georgiana is sophisticated and regal. Love Georgiana paired with the quirky Lark. Kate is lovely as well, although I'd like it better paired with a more interesting, far less common middle name. My first thoughts were something like Kate Araminta or Kate Lavinia. How would you feel about something like that? I don't think Josephine is too old lady, although Josie Belle runs the risk of sounding a little too farm girlish. Maybe a different middle name like Josephine Maeve or Josephine Claire? Just some ideas.

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    How do you pronounce Georgiana? Like George-ee-ah-na/George-ee-anna or like Jor-jay-na? I prefer the last pronunciation but I like it. I don't think it's too much with a cute nickname.

    Kate is my name (well, nickname) so I'm biased. I don't think it's too boring at all

    Josephine is also nice! I used to love it but it's a little too frilly for me personally. I like Josie as a nickname.
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    It's always great to see a fellow teen on here

    Georgiana is lovely! I love how the Georgi- names are so elegant and classic. I think with a good nickname, this name is totally usable for a child, while the full name will look great while applying for jobs, college, etc. Georgiana Lark is fun, feminine, and gorgeous! Lark balances out the formality of Georgiana perfectly!

    Kate is alright, but I prefer Katherine/Catherine because there's more nickname options.

    There's nothing wrong with Josephine, and I think that Josie is adorable, but there's just something about this name that rubs me the wrong way.
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    I adore Georgiana. If I could get my husband on board, it would be our baby's middle name. I prefer the pronunciation Georgianna (george-ee-ah-nah), to the more American-style George-ee-ann-ah.

    Kate is blah. I've known way too many who are awful women, and I hate the name Katie.

    Josephine is pretty. NMS, but it's a very feminine and flowing name. I've seen it tossed around on here quite a bit, and it doesn't get a lot of "sounds old lady-ish" comments.
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