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    Quote Originally Posted by lyricmom View Post
    I'm here to offer constructive criticism that I hope will be helpful to you.

    I'm a college professor and recently had identical twins in one of my classes named Emily and Amelia. They always sat together and often wore very similar outfits. I could never tell the apart except on paper (their writing styles were quite different). To be honest, it absolutely drove me crazy, and I would constantly wonder to myself what kinds of parents would give identical twins matching names like that. I mentioned them to a colleague once, and it turned out she also had them in class and thought the same thing.

    So the point is that while you may be a fan of similar names for twins, many people will not be, and it may in fact cause them problems later in life. Consider how their names will affect their experiences as they grow up. Clearly, you have some reservations about using these names, as you have asked about alternative spellings to differentiate them.

    Finally, if you are intent on using the names you've chosen, I would absolutely use the conventional spellings for all the reasons people have already stated.
    Thank you for the advice but I am more concerned with how my husband and I, and our children view their names than a college professor they may never have. Of course I want my children to go to college but I cannot name them based upon what ifs. I think it if bothered those particular girls they would have used different NNs, such as Emmy and Mia, and they certainly would not have dressed alike. I always felt that I had a closer bond to my own twin because of the similarities in our names.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oliviasarah View Post
    Thanks (:

    Aurora, Amaya and Alana are all lovely names, and I could see any combination of them being twins with no issues. If you're looking for suggestions, what about these (lots are similar, I've included variations etc. The ones in bold are the ones I think you'll like best)-


    Avia (ay-VEE-uh)

    Acacia (uh-KAY-see-ah)

    Anya and Autumn are lovely! I have also thought about Cascia, which is very similar to Acacia, so I think Acacia is lovely too. Aria intrigues me, I don't know why we have never considered it before but it is certainly our style. Thank you for the suggestions!
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    Well, I'm not a twin either, but both mine and my brothers' names start with BR - and that can get really annoying sometimes. When we'd get in trouble, our mom would run through everybody else's name (accidentally) until she got to the right one. "Bri...Bran...BREANNA!" And if she had had another girl, her name would have been Brenna. Way too confusing if you ask me. I will definitely not be continuing the same letter trend.

    Hope that helps!
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    Quote Originally Posted by parkerbelle View Post
    I know several children with alternative spellings and if you look at the SSA list there are tons of them! So I actually think it is just the opposite. Many people outside of Nameberry love alternative spellings, some to the point that it is hard to see what the original name even was. As I said in several of my posts, I am not normally a fan of alternative spellings, it is just that we love these names so much that we were willing to branch out and try a different spelling in order to keep both names. I have seen Addison spelled much worse than Adycen and Annistyn was just a one letter substitution. The fact is that you are not a twin and yes you can imagine what it is like to have a similar name to a sibling, but I am a twin with a similar name so I have a much better view of what is really like.

    Have you ventured beyond nameberry - in terms of parenting or naming forums? Honest question - because every one that I have frequented - and I have frequented many of them - alternative spellings are not well received at all.

    I'm not even against all alternative spellings or anything - my issue is when the spelling does not make sense. A Y is not a wild card that can just be exchanged for any vowel and be pronounced the same - if you don't follow the rules of phonetics, it's not going to make sense or look very good at all. Addison and Adycen would not be pronounced the same - sure, people will SAY Addison because Addie-sen, how it LOOKS like it should be pronounced, doesn't sound right, so it must be said the same as Addison. In my opinion, it doesn't look like that person has a good grasp on spelling or the English language - it's not an insult to you at all, it's my opinion. If I saw Adycen, I would assume the parents had a lack of education. Again - my opinion, it's not meant as an insult - I'm telling you what I would think if I saw a name spelled like this. It doesn't look right at all - if you want Addison - go for Addison! If you want to name your twins Addison and Anniston - go for it! But this is my opinion.

    I agree with Lyricmom - It DOES feel like you have some reservations about the names. If you didn't, you wouldn't be on here asking us our opinions or for alternatives. My biggest suggestion would be to not settle. If you aren't 100% on a name, do not use it. I settled with my son's name and I can tell you - name regret is not fun. If your questioning yourself, you probably do not have the right name. I questioned myself up until my son's birth because I thought it would go away and here I am 3 years later - still questioning and now regretting.

    If Addison and Anniston feel right to you and you have no reservations, then go for it, but from an outsiders point of view, it feels like you're not 100% sold on this idea.

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    Wow, I'm sorry some people have been completely utterly rude for no reason, to accuse your thread of not being legit is really out of line, and so offensive to you personally so yes you have every right to be angered. To answer your question, I think that you should keep the common spelling of Addison and Anniston, no matter how you spell them they will sound the same which was the issue people were originally having, that they sounded to close. With that said, berries tend to be against twins names being similiar or rhyming, but really its a personal choice and many many parents of mulitples choose similiar names because it links the twins. I am with you on this that I prefer similiar names for twins, in fact if I were to have twin boys, I might name them Leo & Luca. With that said if you say Addison and Anniston outloud, they are borderline too similar in sound being a bit tongue twisty. Have you considered picking your favorite of the two and then choosing another "A" name? I like Addison. I will give you some varied ideas of names I think sound good together as well as some other names similiar in feel that are more matched.

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