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    I'm here to offer constructive criticism that I hope will be helpful to you.

    I'm a college professor and recently had identical twins in one of my classes named Emily and Amelia. They always sat together and often wore very similar outfits. I could never tell the apart except on paper (their writing styles were quite different). To be honest, it absolutely drove me crazy, and I would constantly wonder to myself what kinds of parents would give identical twins matching names like that. I mentioned them to a colleague once, and it turned out she also had them in class and thought the same thing.

    So the point is that while you may be a fan of similar names for twins, many people will not be, and it may in fact cause them problems later in life. Consider how their names will affect their experiences as they grow up. Clearly, you have some reservations about using these names, as you have asked about alternative spellings to differentiate them.

    Finally, if you are intent on using the names you've chosen, I would absolutely use the conventional spellings for all the reasons people have already stated.
    Thank you for the advice but I am more concerned with how my husband and I, and our children view their names than a college professor they may never have. Of course I want my children to go to college but I cannot name them based upon what ifs. I think it if bothered those particular girls they would have used different NNs, such as Emmy and Mia, and they certainly would not have dressed alike. I always felt that I had a closer bond to my own twin because of the similarities in our names.
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