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    Does this change things?

    We really love the names Addison and Anniston! We are expecting twins in December, we do not know the genders yet, but I have a twin sister and I would really love to have twin girls! I know that the names are similar but we do not think that they are too similar to use together. My sister and I have matchy names, Parker and Piper, and it never gave us any trouble having similar names. I get a lot more tongue tied saying Parker and Piper than I do saying Addison and Anniston. So we thought maybe if we spelled the names differently would it help to differentiate them. What if we spelled them Adycen and Annistyn or Adyson and Annistyn, would that change things and make them a little less similar. I am not normally a fan of yooneek spellings but we really love these names and are looking for any way possible to keep them both!
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    No, please do not do that, it makes the whole thing a million times worse.

    Put them in the middle, maybe? Their already going to be twins, they deserve their own identity.

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    O_o seriously?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jills View Post
    O_o seriously?
    My thoughts exactly

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    Well, no, I don't think it makes them less matchy. They look different when written, but still sound exactly the same and are much too matchy for twins, or any sisters, actually. If you really want to use them both, you might as well keep the original spellings. I don't think Addison is a bad name, but Anniston is too much celebrity association for me. The Adycen spelling looks a bit like a medication to me.

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