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    Talking At least I am confident about the middle/last name! But here is where you come in :)

    So you all with your great insight have helped us get to this point, and I am very appreciative. Sadly, we have just been stuck here for the last couple of months spinning our wheels and so I am asking for your help. The middle name will definitely be Blakely. Currently we are deciding between the following for the first name:


    I am starting to wonder if maybe we need to find other possibilities--and that is perhaps why we have been stuck and unable to commit to any of these further?

    Please provide your thoughts/opinions on what flows best with our mn/ln. And if you have other suggestions we would love to hear them!

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    With Blakely as the middle, the only one that flows well imo is Vivienne Blakely.... the others sound off/funny to me

    However, the only name I don't like is Evan, I see that as a boy's name, not a girl's name

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    Vivienne, for sure.

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    I like Vivienne best also. Evan seems like a boys name to me.

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    Vivienne flows best with Blakely. I like Isla but the 'l' in it is too much with the two 'l's' in Blakely.

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