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    Quote Originally Posted by parkerbelle View Post
    Aurora, Amaya, Alana, and Cambria, we just have a thing for the letter A I guess.
    In that case, how about Aurora nn Rory and Addison/Anniston?

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    I don't think there would be one nameberry who would encourage you to change from the traditional spelling of the names and I think that is good advice.

    I would be inclined to give one an A name and the second twins middle name to be an A name eg Addison Caroline and Sophie Anniston

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    Quote Originally Posted by flick View Post
    I did not say YOU were illiterate - I said alternative spellings that don't follow the rules of phonetics LOOK illiterate.

    I also did not say you didn't feel like you had your own identity. It's a point I have seen brought up by other people who ARE twins and I tend to think that IF I were a twin and my twin had such a similar name, that I would just get automatically grouped with my twin all the time and not be seen as my own person. Twins do come in two's, but they are not "set's" - that's more of what I was trying to convey.

    Also, I don't think anyone was particularly harsh. I'm not going to sugar coat or be over the top nice to say I don't care for something. I gave you an opinion and I gave you reason's as to why I felt that way - I would call that constructive criticism.

    Well you are entitled to your own opinion but these are not your children! From my point of view there were several harsh comments made and calling my choice illiterate is just about the same as calling me illiterate. I have a master's degree and I am certainly not illiterate! You are not a twin so you will NEVER know! I am a twin and I have been a twin all my life, and I will continue to be a twin for the rest of my life so I DO know. I am not asking anyone to sugar coat anything just be respectful. It is not that hard to word things so they do not hurt others feelings.
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    I do think that some of the opinions stated here were disrespectful and harsh -- please be honest but do not use words like tacky, illiterate and hate. You can say what you mean without sugar-coating but also without wielding a bat.

    That said, I think Addison and Anniston are too close for twins or any two siblings. I don't think changing the spellings makes their similarity any "better" and only adds an additional problem. They actually seem much more close to me than Piper and Parker.

    I think a lot of us tend to gravitate toward names with a similar sound but I honestly think in this case you've got to make a choice. It's fine to pick a second twin name that starts with A or ends with on or theoretically even both -- Addison/Anniston and Aaron or Ashton or Avalon might work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flick View Post
    Do you know if that's a family name for them?

    There was a woman in one of my classes in college who had 3 boys, all named Christopher like their father. They were from Haiti, I think - but she said it was tradition down there and all the boy's went by their middle names, too.
    That's a good question.

    But no, I can't be certain of that. I remember the first and only time I ate at their restaurant, I had read a shared mini-bio and history of their business on the back of a menu. Haha, the two were the head chefs of the restaurant. They were from Spain and all it said was that their mother named them. I thought it was sweet.

    And hmm, I'm not familiar with that kind of tradition in the Spanish culture. Some of my descendants were Spanish. That experience made me curious about whether that was an old tradition within my family (like far into my family's history).

    And that's interesting that it's a tradition in Haiti. I'll have to ask my Haitian friend if that's common

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