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    Spelling it differently will make it worse! Don't do that! I wouldn't use Addison and Anniston together, they sound way too similar. Parker and Piper at least sound different. What if you did Addison and Aspen instead? Or Addison and Ashlynn? They have more distinct different sounds.

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    No, keep the spellings the way they were. You clearly love these names, so just use them.

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    WOW you do not have to be so harsh! I can take criticism but this is crossing the line into just plain mean! We are certainly not illiterate we just really love both Addison and Anniston. I honestly am not a fan of trendy spellings but I would be willing to do it in order to keep both names. Do any of you have a twin to know what it is like or are you just assuming? My sister and I are not identical and everyone knew who was Parker and who was Piper. I never once felt that I did not have my own identity! I will always be a twin and my children will always be twins it is just a part of life. Having a twin was always fun for me and I imagine it will be fun for our twins as well. If someone asked me for my favorite girls name it would be a tie between Addison and Anniston, though they are not typical Nameberry style, they are certainly OUR style and we are the children's parents. We are looking for opinions and constructive criticism. There is a polite way to tell someone that there names are not the best choice, please only respond with the respect that you would like to be shown.
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    If you really love them, why not use them as middles instead. Addison and Anniston is kind like naming your twins Mia and Mya, which is a bit too matchy and a lot of berries on here are against matchy names.... Many of them are not twins and I don't mind matchy, but there's a difference between cute and too much. Addison and Anniston crosses into my too much zone, same with Mia and Mya....

    Which is why I suggested Addison and Aspen because they do match, but match in a cute way... kind of like Parker and Piper, matchy, but in a cute way.... But again they are your kids, so you can name them whatever you want....

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    Quote Originally Posted by parkerbelle View Post
    There is a polite way to tell someone that there names are not the best choice, please only respond with the respect that you would like to be shown.
    I agree with you 100%! It always makes me angry when people are rude and disrespectful.

    There are some "stylish" and "cool" names here that I think are horrible, but I keep it to myself cause I know people have different tastes and they have the right to name their kids whatever they like (within reason)

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