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    I think the names are too similar to use for twins (even with other spellings)
    If you really love the names you could use them in the middle.

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    This is just SO SO bad I'm thinking it's almost impossible that this is a genuine post. It is terrible, awful, and just plain illiterate. I have a twin sister, too and I think matchy names are bad enough but your crazy spellings make me taste puke in my mouth. Sorry to be harsh, but it is just not good at all.

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    Also - Y's can't just be replaces for any vowel you want - phonetics definitely need to come into consideration, otherwise you end up looking illiterate.

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    I can see your logic here but I don't think it changes things. It almost makes it worse because their names are mathcy and they will have to deal with their names being misspelled all the time. You know from personal experience what it is like to have a twin with a matchy name and if you think it is fine then use Addison and Anniston spelled the correct way. To me they look different enough to use so long as you give them distinct MNs that they can go by if they choose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jills View Post
    O_o seriously?
    My thoughts exactly

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