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    Unhappy Baby Girl Help with Name PLEASE!!!

    I am having so much trouble deciding on a name... I am kind of partial to names starting with K and would like to use my grandmother's name "Grace" as a middle name. So far I like Kaylee, Kylie, and Kaylin, but I think they sound too little girlish when she gets older. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated...

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    How about..Kloe.. Keris..Kerry..Keira.

    Im in the same boat as you... good luck with your choice xx

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    All of those names are nms/trendy/juvenile. I like Kate, Katherine, Kezia, Kerensa, and a GP of mine Keaton. If I had to choose from your choices it would be Kailyn spelled this way, have you considered Kaitlin/Kaitlyn? Id prefer that over Kailyn bc it lends to the sophisticated nn Kate.

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    What about Kayla? It sounds more grown up than Kaylee. I used to babysit a girl named Kayla, but she is all grown up, and in college now. I think the name ages well.
    My fave K name right now is Karmen, and I usually prefer names spelled with C vs K!
    I have a co-worker with the name Keely and it doesn't sound too girlish on her. I had a co-worker named Cailin once too. I like the C spelling.
    My all time fave K names are Katherine/Kate/Katey, but they are way too popular for me and I am torn between the spelling Catherine/Katherine and the name Kathryn... Plus I have a cousin named Katelyn.
    Anyway, good luck to you!

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    Karina Grace (nn Kari)
    Kendra Grace (nn Kennie)
    Kandice Grace (nn Kandi, Andi)
    Kalista Grace (nn Kallie)
    Kassidy Grace (nn Kasey, Kassie, Sady, Sadie)
    Katalina Grace (nn Kat, Katy, Kate, Lina, Alina)
    Katarina Grace (nn Kat, Katy, Kate, Tari, Rina)
    Karissa Grace (nn Kari, Reese)
    Kelsey Grace (can't think of a nn!)
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