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    Lol! I'm not even gonna comment on these names. Most of them are so bad. WHERE do you live? A lot of them sound extremely ghetto. Especially a lot of the girl's. It's about the same down here in Louisiana actually..
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    ]Jaylene - sounds a little too country to me.
    Fiona -- love it.
    Bridgett* - it's nice although I prefer Bridget spelling.
    Nyla -- this name is moving up the popularity charts. I kind of like it.
    Gracie. Grace is nice. I don't like Gracie as the full name.
    Millie - it's cute but I don't like as a full name.
    Vivyan and Lillyan -- I don't like these spellings either and a little matchy together (although I don[t think they sound terrible).
    Asher - not on a girl.
    Pacey - don't like.
    Charleigh - Charlie as a nickname for Charlotte is okay, don't like as a full name.
    Gillian - eh..
    Brynna - okay.
    Chaynler don[t like.
    Kingslee -- don't like.
    Keahton weird spelling. I like Keaton on a boy.
    Kinley - okay.
    Kinsly - better as Kinsley.
    Kaeden - another spelling of Kayden/Cayden/Caden etc. Don't like on a girl.
    Jalaina -- very made-up.
    Lorin - prefer as Lauren.
    Siboney - not familiar with that. Sidonie is nice.
    Laney - I like Delaney, but not Laney as a full name.
    Adam -- on a girl?
    Aarya - hmm. it is pronounced like Aria?
    Daija -- not sure how to pronounce it.
    Elizabeth - nothing wrong there.
    Harper - it's okay.
    Anntionett* -- don't like this spelling but Antoinette is nice.
    Gabriella -nice name.
    Ki'Yanna -- not fond of those apostrophes in the mdidle of a name.


    Logan - fine.
    Edwin - would not use myself but it's fine.
    Ben- only like as a nn.
    Mason - the Jason of the 2010s. Not a bad name.
    Angel -- like pronounced the Spanish way.
    Zander* - it's okay but prefer as a nn.
    Karson - the name is nice. I like K, but not in this name.
    Andy - don't like as a full name.
    George - I like it.
    Evan - love it.
    Brayden - it's okay.
    Kyle - like it.
    Keigan I like it as Keegan.
    Alexander** love it.
    Navbir -- name from another language.
    Cayden - not bad
    Connor - love it
    Sawyer - like it.
    Tatum - don't like.
    Brandon - this name has lasting appeal.
    Kace - don't like much.
    Shawn - I only like Sean.
    Maddox - it's nice, but immediate celebrity connection.
    Jonathan - great
    Michael - wonderful
    Teddy* as a nickname -only like as a nn, but prefer Ned or Ted. Teddy sounds kind of childish on a grown man.

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    Adam for a girl must be a printing mistake on the newspaper's behalf. Please?
    Top Girls: Tessa, Audrey, Joyce nn Joy, Harriet, Lynn, Regina nn Reggie, Diana, Ivy, Anthea NN Thea
    Top Boys: Theodore nn Theo, Quade, Miles, Cormac, Keith, Isaac, Jude, Flynn, Max.

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    It was a web nursery with pictures and full details of the babies, so i'm not sure if it could be a mistake, but I was hoping too ^_^

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    Ahh, well I'm pretty sure that I live in a more ghetto (ghetto-er?) city than you lol
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